Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life as a mother

Believe it or not but every posts that I make took me almost a week to finish it. Life as a mother means I cannot sit in front of the computer, typing and publishing at once. So what I do is writing down all the ideas on the phones, save it, taking pictures and typing it when I'm free. So complicated? Well, the baby and the house need my attention, so I have to give priority to it. After all, blogging is just a hobby, not like some of you that make it as a money income.
Life as a mother also mean that more time for the baby and less time for yourself. Sometimes, when all the baby do is crying, you have no choice but to persuade him and ignoring other things. Taking my meal after 2 or 3 p.m is a normal thing for me now. For breakfast, it is good enough if I can have a cup of hot Nescafe.

Between the baby and house chores, sometime can bring stress to you especially if you are the kind who cannot stand seeing huge piles of dirty clothes or dishes. But to do it all perfectly (cleaning, cooking, taking care of the baby, washing and tidying up the house) also can cause you to feel so tired at the end of the day. So the best thing to do is focus on the baby first, sleep when he is sleeping and do the house chores when you have time.

Sometime I have to cook while holding the baby because I am so hungry and he cry out loud when I put him on his walker. He will look at what I am doing with so much interest. The same goes with doing the laundry. The only thing that he cannot stands is when I blend his food. He will put his head really close to me, quietly and not dare to look at the blender. He probably scared of the sound hehehe. Come to sleeping, sometime he wants to sleep in his cradle and the formula milk, but there's time when he only want to breastfeed, forcing me to lie down together with him and sleeping, of course. 
I know that watching television is not good for baby but my son really loves to watch the Upin and Ipin cartoon, the same goes with the Bananana theme song, the azan and baby Vuvu. He will stop whatever he is doing when his favourites is on air, hehehe.
 At his age now, which is almost 7 months old, he only knows saying 'gugu', ba, ma, and some unidentified sound. Sometime when I'm busy and he wants my attention, he with his teary eyes will looks at me and say 'mama' with his little hand stretching out toward me. It make me wonder if he calls me or it is just one of the sound that he loves to make.

Life as a mother also need you to be a child as well. Playing or singing along with him or watching his favourite cartoons. There's time when you need to act or make a sound like a little child to get his attention. Your eyes will also have to watch him as the bigger he gets, the more things he will try to explore and do. Some will hurt and bring danger to him if you are not aware enough.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless wednesday : The horse 2

Wordless wednesday : The horse

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Six months old

Ten tiny little fingers that always want to play,
that never stop exploring the wonder of today.
Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start,
will reach out for tomorrow yet always hold your heart.
~ Anon

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