Sunday, March 11, 2012

My baby born at 40 weeks

Thank you to all my friends who has been wishing me good luck via Facebook, E-mail, Phone and also Twitter. Most of my Facebook friends already knew my baby born at 40 weeks 3 days, on 6 March 2012. After over 9 days from REDD (25 February), they're still no sign of labor, I were admitted to Maternity Wad in Kota Marudu Hospital on 5 March 2012. In the morning of 5th February, my cervix opening is 3cm, the doctor decide to delay the pain medication for labor.

The next day, it still 3cm, Dr. Jeremy said they will wait until the opening become 4cm and they will force delivery. A nurse told me to eat anything I want now because I cannot go out once I admitted in the labor room. In the afternoon, even though it is very painful and blood coming out every minutes, I keep on trying to endure the pain because I want to try a cooking from a new restaurant that my husband bought for me. 4.30pm when the visiting time came, I eat my "Nasi Goreng Lalap" that my husband bought. I can only eat a small portion and 20 minutes later, I admitted in the labor room.

After my water has been broken and waiting for medication to been given by nurse, Dr. Jeremy come in and told me that these will be a very painful experience that he cannot imagine. He come out from the labor room showing me the horror face. 5.30pm, I start to feel the pain bit by bit. At first, I only show some tears while enduring the pain. After one hour, they still cannot see any contraction, they start giving me medication and told me to pee and go to defecate with a side position.

The nurse said to me,"Jangan malu-malu berak kalau mau berak ya."

At that time, I were thinking how can they stand waiting and talking with all the smell in the closed and air-condition room like that.

After I had thrown all my waste, they start to see a contraction from the machine. Dr. Jeremy come in again and asked for any update about me. At that moment, I were thinking will this doctor be delivering my baby? But in the end I knew he just monitoring. Dr. jeremy start to tapped my shoulder and try to motivate me. When they told me to change my lie down position almost every minutes, it make me mad. But I try to keep it to myself since I knew they're only doing their job.

At 8pm, the pain is something that I cannot imagine and I crying out loud without a piece of shame. Even when the nurses in the room told me to stop crying since I need more energy during labor, I keep on crying and shouting like a mad men. I only stop crying when I saw my husband cousin (a nurse) give me a towel. When she saw me crying, I still remembered what he said,"bawa mengucap kak". It make me stop crying for a while and say my pray to Allah.  But I continue crying and shouting after that.

When my crying and shouting become louder, they knew my contraction is coming and they check for the cervix opening. They can saw my baby head try to come out but they're something blocking its way. I can only remembered they said,"ring belum terbuka". Few minutes later,the ring started to open and they told me to push. I try to push so many time but I really don't know the right technique.

One of the nurse said,"Kau tak boleh lemah semangat, mesti kuatkan semangat untuk baby kau, nanti baby lemas, Kau dapat buat sekali teran tu sebab kau tinggi."

I try to think how to do the right push and try to imagine my hubby cousin words,"teran macam mau berak tahi yang keras." After that I imagine myself defecate and hold on to the iron bar in that room. I try to push as hard as I can when the pain came, the baby head come out. I thought its the end of my labor journey, I take a deep breath of relief. When all the nurses said,"teran lagi, badan baby belum keluar". With all energy that I had left, I try to push as hard as I can. After my baby body come out, all the other things came out to excluding the placenta. A nurse help me pull the placenta out.

My baby born at 8.40pm. Everyone in the room said that my maternity process is very short compare to other people. maybe because I always walk training and drink pure coconut oil. They put my baby on my chest for a few minutes and clean me up. A nurse show me my baby gender and I just nod. 

When she put a cloth on my baby, she asked me,"Kau memang tahu sedia baby ko lelaki?".
"Yes", I answered.
"Patutlah semua color baju dan seluar dia biru".

That's all what I can share with everyone. FYI, I am still not feeling well and still feel a bit pain but I am glad everything OK. Our baby, Zariff Safwan is very healthy and drink a lot of his mom milk everyday. On the day of his birth, he weight 2.85kg but have a very long body compare to other baby in Kota Marudu.

I also want to thanks all the nurses in Kota Marudu Hospital for their hospitality and generosity. I am sorry, I don't remember all your name but hopefully some of you can read this blog. To my husband cousin, Sarimah and Razali, thank you very much for your concern and help during 3 days I am in the hospital. It will be a memorable moments in my families story. On 6 March 2012, I become a Queen and a mom to a handsome dragon baby boy.


akubiomed said...

Congrats for baby boy. Thanks to Allah everything goes well. I tell you he is very cute baby. :-)

Jolly Princess said...

Congrats for the birth of your baby boy!:) I am so happy for you and your husband. Hugs!:)

Encik Anif said...

Tahniah.. :D

beaty said...

congrats z..

Mervyn said...

Hope everything will be fine and better. :)

Just said...

I don't remember if I shout n cry during my labour. Jerit sikit saja la.. Tp time sewing tu mmg sia menangis la.. Huhuhu.. Nywayn congrats ya!!

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