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Pengalaman Kena denda di Sekolah

Pengalaman Kena denda di Sekolah (my experience being punished in school). I know many of you are naughty during your school days and had been punished (di denda) by your school teacher. I am not a "naughty girl" or "budak nakal" during school days but I also had some experience "di denda cikgu" (punish by teacher) because of my wrong doing during school days. Before I tell you my story, I think I need to tell you a little bit about my school. During my primary school, I went to SK Tagaroh in Kota Marudu until 1993. In 1994, I started my secondary school at SMK Kota Marudu until 1998.
denda di sekolah
To be honest, I don't have many experience being fined in school but I always remember the incident in 1993 when I was year 6 at SK Tagaroh. All happened because of a student who is a farm boy with a tanned skin. I don't know what happened to me during those days, I followed my friends calling him "Gobuk" (monkey) in class. We make fun of him until he cries. Someone reported the incident to "cikgu disiplin" (disciplinary teacher), whom also related to my mom and she asked me and my friends to meet her. I still remember all "10 naughty girlfiends" of mine name until these days. All of us go to the disciplinary teacher room and were given lecture about our wrong doing. After that, we were punished and everyone get beaten on their hand with cane.

When its my turn, the teacher twisted my ears and said to me:
"kau aa Bel, sudahlah kau ketua kelas, kau ikut-ikut lagi mengejek orang. Saya report nanti ko sama mama kau".
(Bel, you're the class monitor, why do you make fun of other people. Don't make me report this to your mother)

After that, all of us need to say sorry to him in-front of class and each of us shake hands with him.

Gambar Budak Nakal

Sound like a boring story, right? But this story doesn't end just like that. That boy bear a grudge with me and asked me to fight with him after school hour. I was so frightened and ran back home as fast as I can but he pursued me from behind. After I reached home, I told my dad, a boy want to fight with me and followed me home. When my dad came out from the house, that boy already runaway after hearing my dad shouting "budak nakal!". 3 days later, his parent came to my house and meet my dad. They were talking happily and I was shivering in my room. Afraid my dad know what really happened.

That is my story on "Pengalaman di denda di Sekolah". From the bottom of my heart, I want to say sorry to that tanned boy. I don't know what happened to him today but wish he has a wonderful life.

To all younger generation out there, teacher punish us to teach not because they hate us. Please don't do any "aksi panas", "aksi nakal", "langgar disiplin" or "melawan guru". One day you will regret it and it will be hard to take it back.

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