Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Tagged and I

A few days ago, I registered to one of the well known social network called Tagged. You must be wondering now what is the connection between the Tagged and I, right? Actually, there isn't any connection hehe, I just want to test just how easy I can get friends from there. 

The picture above is my profile on Tagged and you can see there just how honest the info that I give. I even mention my real age and status, but the result is so amazingly surprising. In just one day, almost 200 peoples viewing my profile and almost 100 have added me as their friend, and from all of them, only one woman, the rest are men, hahaha.

I also got almost 100 messages in just one day, all had been asking how to contact me, my email or my phone number. Some even said 'the not so nice' words but I just ignored it all. Some keep pushing me to chat or reply their messages (like I have time for that).

Some are brave enough to leave comment on my wall. I am sure you all know that everyone can see the comments on my wall, unlike the messages which is more private. 

I can imagine just what you have been wondering now, hehe. You must be thinking what's with all that, right? Actually, I just want to show you how easy I can get friends from social network. That's what I get from telling my real status and age. Just imagine what will I get if I put the fake info and picture like my previous post ' Noorazlina Abdul Aziz '.

Just put much younger age and sexy and pretty picture and I can imagine how easy and how many men will fall to her trap, right? and oh, did I mention that I didn't add anyone yet? They are the one who added me first, hehehe.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WW : 6 Months

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