Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noorazlina Abdul Aziz

Noorazlina Abdul Aziz, well, personally, I don't have any connection with that name and I don't even know whether that name is her real name or not. What I really know is she's a cheater and always use that name in social networks to search for victims. 
She's not using her real picture tough, the picture above is her latest picture and I really don't have any idea who's the real owner of the picture. Her main target are men who like to flirt around, men who admit to be single, divorced or in a complicated relationship, sex maniac or men who are crazily looking for a virgin and naive girl (which they might think would be an easy target to get).

I really don't have any idea about this matter until a few days ago when hubby told me about his friend's problem. Cannot believe that this kind of cheating is still exist. I mean, you have never meet her and yet you still willing to give her money. But I guess it's the same case as the scam email we got everyday saying that we won a total of money, the greedy one will fall for it, even nowadays.

While hubby been trying to help his friend, he found out a blog that told the story about that girl @ name. Turn out that she's been doing this kind of thing since 2006. So, I took sometime to read and understand it. From what I read, this girl will always tell you that her parents live in Kuala Lumpur while she's studying in Sabah. In our friend's case, she claimed that she's a UMS (Universiti Malaysia Sabah) student.

She will seduce you with her sweet and nice words, with her cute, pretty and sexy picture. Then she'll tell you that she has problem, for example; her car broke down and she didn't have enough money to repair it. She will ask if she can borrow money from you with a promise that she will pay it back when she get back to Kuala Lumpur (where she will asked to meet you at the airport).

As a man who already fall into her trap, thinking that your beautiful, sweet and naive girlfriend need help, you will certainly bank in the amount of money that she asked for. Come the day that you're supposed to meet her, she will never show up, worse, you can never reach her on the social network or phone after that.


She might tell you that she's really in love with you and cannot wait to see you. That she's ready to meet you but unfortunately she don't have enough money to buy a flight ticket. She will then ask if you can pay for her first or pay half of the price. 


She might even tell you that she love your place (your town or state) and she would like to visit there if she has the chance to but she's afraid because she don't know anyone there and also, she don't know where to stay. As a man who think that this girl is naive, you will offer your place to stay.  Thinking that you can sleep with her make you do exactly what she want you to do.

This woman sure know what she's doing and she really know how to gain trust of men. She will use different kind of way depending on what kind of man you are. If you're a sex maniac or crazy for a virgin girl, she will use the last way. No sex maniac will refuse a sweet girl who don't know where to stay, right? 

Our friend lost RM1000.00 to this woman, so men out there, beware with those all beautiful ladies  you know from the social network, especially if you never meet her and her name is Noorazlina Abdul Aziz. Who know you could be her next victim after this, hehehe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Modified Glucose Tolerance Test (MGTT)

Modified Glucose Tolerance Test @ MGTT? What is that? Well, to those who don't know, that is a 'must' test to pregnant women since last year. It is necessary in order to know how your body will responds when given a sugar drink. This test used to be only for those who have a high potential of having diabetes or women with diabetes history in the family.

But, with our lifestyle and our eating habit right now, there's a high possibility that even people with no diabetes background also can have it especially for pregnant women who sometime cannot control the way they eat.

Every pregnant women will have this test twice during pregnancy. How do I know? I already had the first test and will have to face it again next week, uhuk-uhuk. But don't worry as this test is not as painful as the Anti Tetanus Injection.

First of all, you will be asked to fasting starting 10.00 p.m the night before your MGTT. Fasting here means you cannot eat and drink for 10 hours starting at 10.00 p.m to 8.00 a.m.

At 8.00 a.m. on the day of your MGTT, the nurse will take your blood. After that, you will have to drink a glass of glucose solution or in Malay, air gula. You will have to wait about two hours before the nurse take your blood sample again. You can eat and drink after that, hehe, but in my case, I have to see the doctor first, to know the result. Fortunately for me, the result is normal.

How about you? got the normal result too? What do you feel drinking the glucose solution? Me? Felt itchy in my throat for almost five minutes and then it fade away, haha.

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