Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pregnancy mumbling : Emotion

I like doing this pregnancy mumbling topic because I can write anything without have to refer or doing research. This is just a mumbling, from what I experienced and I see around me, and it's all about pregnancy, hehehe. 
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For today, I would like to mumbling about emotion while pregnant. As we know, pregnant woman tend to be a little emotion while pregnant. From my Facebook alone, I could see that some of my pregnant friend  keep complaining their hubby, even for a small thing. When her hubby came back late from work, she's also getting angry.

Some might feel like she cannot be too far away for so long from her hubby, and you will see that most of her status in Facebook is about missing her husband, the funny part is she's even get jealous when her hubby keep adding new friends in Facebook especially women. 

My mom used to say that everything that we felt while pregnant will influenced the baby. For example, when you suddenly hate your husband during your pregnancy, your baby also will not have a good relation with the husband, later. It's better to fight the feeling, she said.

Fortunately for me, I don't have to face any bad emotion changing for this time. Instead, I love being pampered by hubby and I adore him. What weird is, I suddenly like to see coins (hubby is a coins and banknotes collector). I can see how well this baby and my hubby will get along later.


suri said...

tahniah anda hamil heee.wah tak sangka bgtu cepat skili.kena kawal marah klo tak nnti kesan pd bby heeee

beaty said...

he he belle...sama ka tu ahh rasa dia waktu PMS? ermm tend to emo2 owh kan kalau time preggy

kay masingan said...

nah, rapatnya si bayi ngan hubby ko nanti ni...sudah tahu boy ka girl ka belle?

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