Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini perfumes

Last week, I accompanied my husband to meet his fellow coins blogger. While they were busy with the coins, banknotes and blog, I sat and surfing the net without nothing in mind. Imagine I had to sit almost 6 hours, huhuhu. But, I felt happy when his friend gave me mini perfumes or in standard name is perfume miniatures along with a bag since his wife is a perfumes salesgirl. Those perfumes are Prada Pour Homme (for men), Incanto Bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo and L'eau D'issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyaki.
The smell is very nice and of course it will help me a lot when I want to buy a new perfumes later. Means I don't have to test so many perfumes as I already have a few sample and I can choose the best smell from it. My hubby's friend even promises to give me another sample for our next visit, hehehe. 

To those who don't know how perfume miniatures look are, take a glance at this picture, :D. That's why I called it mini perfumes because they are small @ mini. But the smell is still the same tough, don't worry. This kind of perfumes is suitable to bring along when you are traveling since it is lighter, small, not fragile and you can bring 10 kind of it and it is still lighter than a bottle of perfume.
See how small the perfumes are? The left one is for sure not a new release perfume, it is an AA size battery just for a comparison, hehe. The size maybe almost the same but the battery is heavier than all of three of the mini perfumes.


beaty said...

wah punya siok dapat parfume ni..he eh sa teda suda try Elizabeth Arden ni..he he

Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain said...

jangan pakai byk2 ehhh.. nt baby dalam perut sesak nafas.. adehhh...

JoJo said...

my mum is an avid collector of miniature perfumes! hehe
By the way, I hope that you're coping well with your pregnancy. Take care!

perfume said...

Nice bottle. New perfumes are now getting similar scents between one to another. I would prefer an old classic perfume for my daily use.

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