Friday, October 14, 2011

The chef in the family

Do you still remember Atan, my youngest brother? He is 9 years old, now. If you are my regular readers, perhaps you still remember some posts I wrote about him including WW : Who need this, I want muscle too and Wordless Wednesday : Youngest siblings
Atan, the chef

I've been away from them almost half a year now and it surprised me to know that he now cook his own meal. The first time I heard he cooked is a few months ago. My mom told me that he cook the canned fish (Sardine)  mix with sausage. It was delicious said my mom.

When he have his own phone, I always messaging him or called him just to ask if he already eat or not. When he said 'yes' I will automatically asked 'what did he eat and who cook it' as there's nobody at home except him and my grandmother who is very afraid to use the modern cooking method.

Hearing he cooked his own fried mi or fried rice, is like a joke to me, so I asked him how he do it. To my surprise, he could explain very well how he do it and I can't help but wonder why suddenly he is interested in cooking. Maybe he want to be the chef in the family, hehe.

If you have been wondering, well since he was at the kindergarten, we already teach him how to cook simple meal like fried egg, just in case he get hungry and want to eat something. We were so worried to heard that he always eat instant food like maggi, that is of course bad for his growth.

His first attempt in frying the egg was fail because he forgot to put some oil first, and it was funny to heard how he forced our granny to eat that failed fired egg and of course my granny don't want to eat it, hahaha.

I asked him what recipe he want to learn when I get back to Sabah at the end of this year and it surprise me more when he said 'steak', hahahaha. Never thought he will give that as an answer, I only thought that he want to learn simple recipe.

I really want to see how he cook, and you can imagine me asking him to show his cooking skill and me ready with the camera, later, hehe.


azieazah said...

Wahh bagusnya umur semuda itu pandai memasak. Dan dia lelaki pulak tu. Memasak ni memang kena ada minat. Kalu tak minat, orang pompuan pun ramai yang tak reti memasak. Setakat masak air dan meggi jer.

Nanti kalu dia masak steak, ambil lah gambar. Nak tengok. Tumpang bangga!

anN said...

wahahaha he even know how to bake ba.. i only mix the ingredients, he does all the work for me :)

when I was shopping at the tamu minggu, he carry all the things I bought and when I asked either he is tired or nor, he said 'penat sikit tp lelaki mesti tolong angkat barang'.

oh my lil bro! miss him so much!

beaty said...

pandai masak suda dia sendri ka z..bagus juga tu tapi mau kena jaga2 juga kan..trus sa ingat kan dlu sa pun kici2 masak lunch sendri suda pas balik dari sekolah ni..he he he

Dulu Lain Sekarang Lain said...

i'm also a chef in my hse ehhh :D I help my wife to prepare rice and rice and rice.. adeh... boleh tahan kan?

kay masingan said...

nah, buli dilatih dia ni belle, boleh jadi chef di hotel ni kalau mcm ini...

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