Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pregnancy mumbling about medicine

Well, I have fever right now and it's already been four days since I have it. It's not really a good feeling, to be honest, and you would ask why I didn't go to hospital or clinic to make thing easier. I have this bad habit which is I don't like to go to clinic or hospital. I don't know why and you can count just how many medical certificate (after this M.C) I have taken since I start work.
I think the only time I took M.C was when I get involved in an accident ( took 2 days M.C) , when I went to the dentist and while I had a high fever and I could smell something like rotten egg inside my nose (which according to the doctor, my nose had been infected by virus due to my carelessness to treat my fever, hehehe). The good thing is I still remember the doctor's advice until now which are to not take a bath with cold water, drink enough warm water and take care of what I eat. 

Hubby sometime asked me to take an aspirin or in Malaysia, one of the well known medicine is Panadol. But, I really tried to avoid that kind of medicine since I don't know if it has affect to my pregnancy or not. So annoying right? I hate to go to the clinic and hospital and yet I don't want to eat a medicine and I have a  reason for that.

I am not gonna tell you why I don't like clinic or hospital, I will share a sad but true story about medicine instead. That is why I called this 'Pregnancy mumbling about medicine'. This happened to my cousin in the month of my big day ( March). She was only waiting and counting her day to deliver her baby that time. At the same time, she had a fever and took a medicine without any advice from doctor.

A day or two after that, she was worried when she cannot felt any movement from her baby, so she went to hospital to check it. The result made her cried out loud, yes, her baby was dead. Since it was her first child, they tried not to do any surgery and made the baby out in a normal way. Don't ask me how they do it, I was busy at that time and we couldn't even visited her until the funeral day.

I still remember when the baby finally out, it was the day before my wedding, come my wedding day, her mom who had just went back from Kota Kinabalu was willing to show her face for a minute and told my mom that they were sorry for not being able to attend my big day, and who could blame them for that?

So, as a reminder to those whom pregnant including me, don't take any medicine without asking for the  doctor's opinion or advice. They know better what's good to us and the baby. Some of the medicine is not suitable for the baby and of course could affect the baby.


Isabel said...

oh..so sorry to your cousin. Memang pantang ambil ubat tanpa nasihat doctor masa pregnant. So klo sakit better terus jumpa doctor, dorng ble bagi ubat yg nda affect pregnancy tu. Take good care of urself aa.

zulkbo said...

dugaan mengandung tu..
moga tabah dan bersabar..
harapan saya anda dan bayi
dalam kandungan sihat selalu

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