Tuesday, September 13, 2011

About Facebook

Today, I am going to talk about one of the most used social network in this world, yes, I will talk about Facebook. As you know, I am one of the user. This kind of network is good because we can connect with everyone we want in this world, as long as they want to connect with us too, hehe.

The friends who waiting to be accepted
I joined Facebook in 2009, and I was really naive about it, especially about the security and privacy things. Due to my excitement to have lot of friends, I just add anyone without checking their profile. My Facebook wall and photos are also available to all eyes including those who wasn't in my friend list. Thanks to one of them (not in my friend list) who keep commenting on my status, it was really open my eyes. From there, I learn how to keep my privacy.

I now have about 3023 in my friend list and it never increase because I don't want to. I remove some inactive friends (who never commented on my status or seldom updating their wall) before I accepting new request. Before, I love to ignore and blocked friend request from other, but now, I just let it untouched. There's more than a hundred who waiting to be accepted now, but really, I don't want my friend list more than 3000. 

If you see my Facebook wall, you can only see like this;

I viewed it as Jane Martin @ Sumandak Kinabalu
But, it is actually like this (and only me can see it).

Notice the difference?
Notice that you cannot see any picture in my wall except my profile picture? That is because I keep all my pictures private, including my profile picture. Even my hubby cannot see it, hehehe. My photo album also the same case. It exist and I keep lot of pictures, but only me can see it, and the people who I tagged, of course.
Most of my pictures is setting to 'My eyes' only mode
Even in log in too, I changed the setting. Any new computer which I used to log in, Facebook will send TAC number to my phone (same like Maybank2u) and I have to enter it to be able to log in to my Facebook account.

So, how yours? Do you keep it public or private? Or you don't even care about it? I really think we should care about our information and pictures, because we don't know what other will be able to do with it. We should really be careful especially with social network like this.


en_me said...

FB me kekadang on kekadang off jakk bahh.. ehehe

cemomoi said...

tak brapa nak peberet... dengar crita ada yang main sihir pon ikut fb sekarang ni, canggih tul!

Aemy Shamy said...

hehe...my Fb is private..i only show certain info, it's not nice to show everything right. :)

Sumandak Kinabalu said...

My FB protection is too low...
Will try setting it back after this..

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