Monday, September 26, 2011

18 weeks pregnant

I am 18 weeks pregnant now and there's a big difference I felt especially about my appetite, nausea problem and my tummy. My stamina also seem to be less right now, I cannot walk too much or even sit still for half an  hours also made my back in pain. 

What is actually happen while at 18 weeks pregnant? Well, if this is your first child, then your tummy is started to show by now. As for me, I can no longer wearing most of my clothes and even if I can, it feels uncomfortable due to the size of my tummy. You will probably have to start wearing pregnancy dress by now.
My appetite also seem to be back to normal, or maybe I can say, a bit too much because  I am hungry almost all of the time. This is the time where you have to be careful and watch what you eat. Reduce the intake of sugar, rice and salt. Make sure you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The doctor will also ask you to continuously drink any brand of milk (with or without the 'Folic acid'). 

My nausea problem also seem to be gone and thanks god for that. My weight already back to normal and the last time I checked it, it's 60 kg. Means I have gain 1 kg after losing 2 kg before, you can read more about it in my old post about Hari Raya.

Walking or sitting even for half an hour will make me tired so much and giving so much pain especially to my back. There's a time I tried to ignore it and it hurt so bad that I cannot stand it anymore, forcing me to lie down and crying on my bed, hehe. To be honest, I never thought that getting pregnant also can cause pain, as most people only talked about the pain they get through while giving birth.

The last important thing is you have to change your sleep habit by now. Lie down  on your side especially on your left side. This is to ensure the baby get enough oxygen. I love sleeping lie flat on my back but it is not encouraged as it will compress a major vein and of course it will decrease the blood return to my heart.

You might find these different from yours but don't worry, as you will experienced it sooner or later. Just take care of what you eat, don't drink alcohol  and smoking, hehe and if your husband is smoking, asked him to stop or don't smoke near you. I am so lucky tough because my hubby don't smoke and drink and so do I.


Aemy Shamy said...

i'm happy reading friends' post about pregnancy including yours. ^^
it's like another chapter of life, different from the most ordinary days we've been living & it's interesting...i feel agitated when i think about my turn someday..hehe..

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