Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pregnancy gift

You know that I love pink colour right? but, that is not the reason I choose Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink as my pregnancy gift. In fact, I don't know why I choose that perfume, (as I am sure, most of you know that Elizabeth Arden offered lots of  perfumes) maybe because of the combination of the bottle and the colour (I like butterfly). But, I love the smell, nice and soft, hehehe.
At first, buying a perfume for me is not in the list. It's hubby who need one, but than I got jealous and want one for myself too, hehe, and when the salesgirl asked whether  it's a gift or not, that's when hubby said to me 'consider it as a pregnancy gift'.

I have to wait almost half an hour in the counter for the perfume to be pack neat and nicely, hahaha. Hubby said ' why you don't tell her no need to pack it like that?' and I said 'that is a  gift so it has to be packed nicely and pretty' hahaha. I think the price is around RM290, forgot already, hihihi. Oh, and they give me a silver bag and a lip gloss too for free.
Want to know  some about this perfume called Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink? well, that perfume is define as ethereal, magical and feminine. 

1. Top notes - Sparkling 
A sheer, flirty blend of Silican Bergamot and Ocean Breeze Accord is melded with breezy floral notes and accented with a hint of  Bellini Accord.

2. Mid notes - Feminine
Inviting and alluring, the soft essence of Pink Peony is captured in the delicate heart of the fragrance. Wrapped in its beauty, dewy Tiare Petals and Lily of the valley.

3. Base notes - Sensual
A rich blend of bright blond woods and creamy sandalwood create a unique combination of Sun-Kissed Woods. Wrapped in sultry White Musk, the base reveals sensual warmth and long lasting depth.

Anywhere, this pregnancy gift is unplanned, but I still want to thanks my hubby for the gift. This pregnancy is actually a gift for his birthday, as he once told me 'no need to buy me anything for my birthday, a baby is more than enough'.


lieyalatif said...

wah...best2...murah rezeki mak yong heheheheh..... belle nanti perut dah nampak pos gambar tau....mesti cute!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow..a self pregnant gift ka.. hehe.. ba bila for lil one..:)

gadisBunga said...

saya suka gloss tuh!

Aemy Shamy said...

you do have a perfect perception on perfumes, don't you ^^
i used to be a perfumes collector, but the hobby stopped because of money issue..hehehe....& yeah, Mariah Carey's luscious pink is great ^^

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