Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pregnancy fashion

Last week, hubby and I went out to buy for some maternity dresses. I know it's still too early to buy for it because I am only 13 weeks right now, still too small to wear the maternity dress haha, but hubby insisted me to do it, so why not.

To be honest, we have been looking in so many places for the maternity dresses and couldn't find any, when we finally found one, the price is 'oh my God'. It is RM179 per dress and I bought two, huhu. The dresses are fine and is comfortable to wear but is all the maternity dress is expensive like that?
The salesgirl said that the dresses is the latest pregnancy fashion but how should I know if it is true or not as never in my life before I'm buying any of that dress?
Couldn't imagine my mom bought dresses like that..huhuhu, any of you have any idea of where to find some fine yet cheaper maternity dresses? Please, don't tell me that such cheaper maternity dresses are not exist, uhuk uhuk..I think RM179 is too much...


Just said...

modernmum punya brand mmg mahal.. try online :)

lieyalatif said...

belle, baju preggy mmg cantik2 n mcm2.....lieya pun byk koleksi baju preggy...skrang ni sume baju dah simpan dlm kotak...tgu lagi 2 tahun pakai balik heheehheeh


selamat hari raye maaf zahir dan batin ...semoga lebaran kali ni membawa seribu keberkatan buat kite semua...insyaallah....

de engineur said...

Keep looking. There should be such fashion with the right price. Me & wife scour thru 1B, Wisma Merdeka and C.Point last time.

beaty said...

wah mahal juga ni baju dia belle..erm tpi selesa bh kan pakai mcm ni..

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