Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Early pregnancy signs

Early pregnancy signs are something that you have to learn if you are expecting one. Fortunately for me, there's a lot of books about pregnancy I can refer to in my house. Even before I get pregnant, I already read all the books about getting pregnant, hahaha.

Early pregnancy signs; according to the book I'd read (refer to the picture below):

1. Tender breasts

Breasts are often the first body part that noticeable. Newly pregnant breasts can be tender, full, achy, swollen, tingly, sensitive and even painful to touch (I experienced most of it). Sometimes these signs show up within a few days of conception, sometimes they hold off until weeks later (in my case, these sign is still on).

2. Implantation spotting

A significant minority of newly expectant mums (around 20%) notice scant spotting when an embryo burrows its way into the uterine wall. Such so-called implantation bleeding will likely arrive earlier than your expected monthly flow - usually around five to 10 days after conception. Its much lighter than your period, spotty and not continuous bleeding. (I didn't experience any).

3. Urinary frequency

The need to pee with annoying frequency can appear on the pregnancy scene fairly early, usually about two to three weeks after conception. That's because pregnant kidneys must work overtime to filter waste from the blood once there's an extra waste producer on board. (I agree with this one, it's really annoying when even at midnight I  have to pee).

4. Fatigue

Early pregnancy is typically exhausting, leaving you feeling sluggish, sleepy and sofa-loving. That's because your body is beginning to crank up its baby-making machine (particularly the placenta manufacturing) and that takes a lot of energy you have on hand.

5. Nausea  

This is the symptom that can sign on early, in some cases, just days after conception, though it's more likely to show up four weeks later. Though pregnancy hormones are responsible for so-called morning sickness, not every mum to be gets the queasies, and far from all experience vomiting, since hormones affect every woman differently.  

6. Smell sensitivity

Does your nose know something you don't know? Some newly pregnant women report a heightened sense of smell early on, and that could be owing to the increasing amount of oestrogen in your system during early pregnancy. If your sniffer's suddenly more sensitive (and easily offended), pregnancy might be in the air.

7. Missed period

If your two week wait doesn't end with a period (like mine), especially if your periods generally run like clockwork, it may be time to celebrate. Break out the pregnancy test and hopefully the sparkling apple juice.

When I experienced all of the signs except sign number 2, I knew that I am pregnant. Right now, I cannot stand the smell of chips, soy sauce and noodle. I also will get angry easily when I heard loud sound, so fussy, isn't it? hehehe. 

Last week, I don't have any problem with eating, but this week, I don't know what to eat and cook, I really lose my appetite. Milk is a must now in the house, even I don't like milk, but I have to drink it for the sake of the baby and I, I guess, hehehe.


MushroomCute@Mariea said...

Tahniah...semoga tak alami mabuk yang teruk..do take care dear..

zulkbo said...

selamat mengandung..
ermmm..moga ibu dan anak
dalam kandungan sihat sentiasa

Just said...

bagus tu bnyk membaca... helps a lot! my both preg pun stay dlm bilik ja time hubby or mom cookings. mmg nda tahap bau dia.

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Nice sharing..sesuai kepada new mommy-to be..:)

Semua itu sign sya ada...:P

Mus said...

harap tak kena morning sickness yang teruk..

ChipCoklat said...

Banyak kan relax dan jgn terlalu membuat kerja berat yekk..hehehhe..

titan said...

ada satu lagi tanda awalnya..

1. mula baca buku pasal pregnant..

Zezebel Lair said...

Thanks Maria, I will, :D

Zezebel Lair said...

Salam Zulkbo.
Terima kasih, :D

Zezebel Lair said...

Saya masih kena memasak sekarang ni, cuma kadang2 skip buat breakfast ja..hihihi

Zezebel Lair said...

Hahaha, saya pun hampir semua adajuga tu signs..

Zezebel Lair said...

Terima kasih Mus, :D

Zezebel Lair said...

Thanks dear, :D

Zezebel Lair said...

hahaha, yup, setuju, :D

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