Sunday, February 27, 2011

I need space

I need some peace of mind
really need it...
I'll be away for some time
but I'll be back for good...
I promise.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

SBC Gathering

We want to suggest SBC 1st gathering on 19 March 2011 to all SBC Members. Probably, it will be only a small gathering since we only have 30 members in our list right now. 19th March is the only date that is available for the three of us since Lunaticg and I will be getting married on 13 march and  you can imagine how busy we are  before and after that date (13 March). We know that date (19 March) is still a school holiday and everyone want to be with their family but that is the only best date that we can found available on Saturday. We allowed all SBC members to bring their families on that day. This will be a get to know session for all members, some of you maybe have been blogging for years but never have a chance to meet your blog friend, right?
SBC gathering suggestion date 19 March

Most probably, we will have a session of ice breaking and one hour session of blog talk. To anyone whose blog had already been reviewed in SBC, you can asked Lunaticg personally what you don't understand.  Don't worry, I won't get angry hehehe. We will also try to arrange some games for kids or maybe a karaoke contest so everyone will have some fun. You can also suggest some activities in this post, we will collect all your suggestion and try to decide if it is suitable. Since Lunaticg and Sumandak Kinabalu really miss my mee rojak, so I will cook it for all of you too. I will prepare chicken soup and some desserts too.  

Place: Lunaticg's house (soon to be my house also haha), near Sulaman Sentral, Kota Kinabalu. (For safety reason, we will only send the details to SBC members who really interested and can come).
Time: 2.00 pm.
Date: 19 or 20 March 2011.
Fee: Free but tell us how many people will be coming with you.

If you have any suggestion regarding the place, activities, date and time; feel free to talk about it here. If there are less than 10 members coming, I think a small cafe or restaurant will be a better place but we will have less activities.

To all SBC members who read this, if you can or cannot come that day, please comment in this post. Thank you. Will be waiting for everyone reply and suggestion. 


Saturday, February 19, 2011

DLS : Random

Its Dusun Language Saturday (DLS). Every week on Saturday, I will share one situation and translate them to Dusun language. Today theme will be random words. Why do I am sharing my ethnic language? I am not very good in my language because we don't speak any Dusun at home. Most of the time, we speak Malay. Sharing my language, hopefully will help me improve my Dusun vocabulary. My parents and friends will be my references. There is no dictionary for Dusun language yet. Sorry for not posting any DLS last week.
Dusun Language Saturday (DLS): Learn Dusun Language.
Random words.

igit - kuyutai ~~ hold - pegang

irikau - lusad ~~ duduk - sit down

imuai - imuaiyo ~~ pastikan - look carefully

gawos - nokoidu~~ terlepas - slipped out

gingo - alawa ~~ cantik - pretty

guod - miulou ~~ gaduh - quarrel

bangat - owiyau ~~ kenyang -filling

gawad - paadao ~~ buang - throw

kadaai - inidaan ~~ cerai - divorce

kinis - nogieh ~~ koyak - torn

andad - andado~~ tunggu - wait

angat - anggato ~~ ajak - invite

aawi - maawi ~~ habis - finish

azamut - ayamut ~~ kotor - dirty

atukoi ~~ wah - Wow (expression of joy or surprise)

pinopoilo ~~ beritahu - inform

manansawo ~~ berkahwin - getting married

binoli ~~ di beli - bought

nosorob ~~ terbakar - burned

Any suggestion for next week Dusun Language Saturday theme? Any of you want to add anything into today theme? Feel free to comment and share it with everyone.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seven Things That You Still Don't Know About Me

So the naughty Beanizer tagged me again. This time, I have to tell you seven things that you still do not know about me, hehe. Beanie, please do not tagged me again, haha.
The seven secrets to be revealed

  1. I do not like sweet and sour food. I do not know why, but I will try my best to avoid such food.
  2. I do not care about others as long as they do not disturb me. But once they disturb my life, they will be sorry for it, hahaha (evil laugh, I am serious you know)
  3. I do not like busy places. Always give me a headache when I have to go to a busy place where have a lot of noise and people.
  4. I love coffee, haha but since my loved one cannot drink it, so I have to change my drink. Learn to drink tea right now.
  5. I like fried rice, really like it, hehe.
  6. I like bright colours, especially red, :).
  7. Erm...what else ah? well, I like salted fish very much, :).
There you go Beanie, a list of seven things that you still do not know about me, enjoy reading it my dear friends, :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Places and people

I am sure that most of you know that instead of people from Malaysia, others will refer us as Malaysian. Do you know how to call people from Thailand? or people from the other places? I am sharing some here. Feel free to add if I have not add your place here.
Places                                                        People

Afghanistan                                               Afghan
Albania                                                     Albanian
Algeria                                                      Algerian
Andorra                                                    Andorran
Angola                                                      Angolan
Argentina                                                  Argentinian
Australia                                                   Australian
Austria                                                     Austrian
Bangladesh                                               Bangladeshi
Belgium                                                    Belgian
Cambodia                                                Cambodian
Cameroon                                                Cameroonian
Canada                                                    Canadian
Chad                                                        Chadian
Chile                                                        Chilean
China                                                       Chinese
Croatia                                                    Croatian
Cuba                                                       Cuban
Cyprus                                                    Cypriot
Czech Republic                                       Czech
Denmark                                                 Danish
Dominican Republic                                 Dominican
Ecuador                                                  Ecuadorean
Egypt                                                      Egyptian
England                                                   English
Ethiopia                                                   Ethiopian
Fiji                                                          Fijian
Finland                                                    Finnish
Gambia                                                   Gambian
Greece                                                    Greek
Guatermala                                              Guatemalan
Haiti                                                         Haitian
Honduras                                                 Honduran
Hungary                                                   Hungarian
Iceland                                                     Icelandic
India                                                        Indian
Iran                                                          Iranian
Ireland                                                     Irish
Israel                                                       Israeli
Italy                                                         Italian
Jamaica                                                   Jamaican
Japan                                                      Japanese
Jordan                                                     Jordanian
Kenya                                                     Kenyan
Korea                                                     Korean
Kuwait                                                    Kuwaiti
Lebanon                                                  Lebanese
Libya                                                      Libyan
Malawi                                                    Malawian
Malaysia                                                  Malaysian
Mexico                                                    Mexican
Mongolia                                                 Mongolian
Morocco                                                 Moroccan
Namibia                                                   Namibian
Nepal                                                      Nepalese
Netherlands                                             Dutch
New Zealand                                           New Zealander
Nigeria                                                     Nigerian
Norway                                                   Norwegian
Pakistan                                                   Pakistani
Panama                                                   Panamanian
Paraguay                                                 Paraguayan
Peru                                                        Peruvian
Philippines                                               Filipino
Poland                                                    Polish
Portugal                                                  Portuguese
Romania                                                 Romanian
Russia                                                     Russian
Saudi Arabia                                           Saudi Arabian
Scotland                                                 Scottish
Senegal                                                  Senegalese
Slovakia                                                 Slovakian
Spain                                                     Spanish
Sri Lanka                                               Sri Lankan
Sudan                                                    Sudanese
Sweden                                                  Swedish
Switzerland                                            Swiss
Tanzania                                                Tanzanian
Thailand                                                 Thai
Tunisia                                                   Tunisian
Turkey                                                   Turkish
Uganda                                                  Ugandan
United States of America                        American
Uruguay                                                 Uruguayan
Venezuela                                              Venezuelan
Vietnam                                                 Vietnamese
Wales                                                    Welsh
Yemen                                                   Yemeni
Zambia                                                  Zambian
Zimbabwe                                              Zimbabwean


Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine and Mawlid

Today is the day, yeah, it is Valentine's Day. Owh, wait, tomorrow is a holiday? what for? Oh I see, tomorrow is holiday because of Mawlid. You do not know what Mawlid is? So do I, hehe. But, here in Malaysia, it is also known as Maulidur Rasul or Maulud Nabi. I am sure most of you know or have heard about Maulidur Rasul or Maulud Nabi instead of Mawlid, right?

Valentine's Day according to Wikipedia, is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery  and sending greeting cards. 

Mawlid according to Wikipedia is a term used to refer to the observance of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which occurs in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar. 

Happy Valentine's day for those who celebrate it. Please be wise and do not be weak because of love. Remember the joke we always heard " don't make a baby, without a daddy", haha. I am serious okay? I have no worry towards the adults, but the teenagers, hmmm...
Every single day is also a day to celebrate love for me, that is why I had never celebrate it I guess, hehe. Happy holiday for tomorrow, more time to spent  with your loved one? hehe..


Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine Story

Well, I know this girl, sweet and naive. She is the type of person who believe in first love and believe that her first love is also her last love. There is nothing wrong with that, I know everyone also hoping the same, right? I am going to tell you a sad love story  today, her story.

This girl do not believe in sex before marriage, she is really strong with her belief. Then, come a guy asking for her love, want to be her boyfriend and so, they become a couple. After some time, this girl came to me, crying. She told me that her boyfriend had rape her, but she did not dare to tell anybody. This guy also starting to asked for money, to treat him, paying for his phone and this girl just gave the money. This girl was afraid if the guy will leave her, that is why she just gave him the  money. 
But, one day, after almost five years with that guy, this guy starting acting suspicious. Every time they meet, this guy always look at his phone or watch. Sometimes, his phone rang and he will only answer it when this girl is not around him. 

This girl, asked this guy for the truth, but this guy deny it, denying the fact that he had an affair with his colleague. But, come the moment when the truth suddenly been discovered. This girl cried and get mad. She called this guy's father and told him how bad his son was. In fact, she was going to tell the whole world how bad this guy was.

She really cannot accept the fact, and keep on thinking what will happen to her after this? she's losing everything. At first, she still want to continue cry and get mad, but then, a thought crossed her mind and make her think. So, she gave up and called this guy and gave him what he want - a break up. (he want a break up but did not dare to do it).

So, I really do not know how to comment in this matter. It is just lucky for her for being able to get rid of her past so fast. And, lucky for her for being able to realize what love is, and what ego is.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love or Stupid?

I know most of us are in a valentine mood right now, happy valentine to those who celebrate it, :). As this is the week of love, so I will mostly talk about love. No, I am not sharing my love story to you, but I will share others love story and hopefully all of us, can learn something from it.

Well, I knew this girl, such a young and pretty girl. She has two boyfriend, when the other boyfriend left her for good, she felt like her love toward the other boyfriend also disappeared. She want her ex back.  So, she try and try to get her ex back, ignored her other boyfriend and slept and had sex with her male  best friend and claimed that she cannot forget her ex. The thing is, how could she claimed that her love is strong when in the same time, she could sleep and had sex with her male best friend? How can she dreaming about taking care of other when she cannot take a good care of her self?

Another love story to share, I know this guy who soft as a woman in his heart. He fall in love with this poor girl, a student. So, they declared their feeling and as this guy already work, he support some of her financial needed but in the same time this girl slept with almost every man except her boyfriend. When she got pregnant, she came back to this guy, telling how big her love was to this guy. This guy cried and asked me "Bel, does my love that cheap in her eyes? Did she think because of my appearance, I will accept her just like that?" and until now, this guy is still single and do not want to get married.

Happy Valentine everyone. Love will make  us happy, but remember do not be stupid because of love. I would say the guy in the second story is doing his right decision there, while the girl in the first story, hopefully she will be a bit clever this year, hehe. 


Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Handle Your Obsessed Ex

Imagine you have a happy new life now, already move on after the breakup with your ex.The only problem is your ex seem like crazy and desperate, cannot move on and still cannot accept the reality. They keep on sent you email even you never reply it. Worse of all, they put your name in the internet, so the whole world will know about their feeling.Yes, sound like an obsessed ex to me there, so annoying.

What will you do to get rid of it? Most of the people that I know will just ignore it.  Never put their attention on that matter. But, what if even after a year or two, your ex still crazy for you?  How will you react to that matter?  I am sharing some tips here that might be useful to.
 1.  Make your rejection final and firm
Never give a chance to your ex to negotiate or manipulate the situation. Refuse all offers of dates and friendly meeting. 

2.  Don't discuss the past
Never mention about the good times you have together, Instead, tell them how happy you are with your decision and make it clear that you have moved on in your life. 

3.  Keep things diplomatic if you have to see her  a lot at school or work
Remember that your ex is just another person, not a friend. Be extra careful with your words because you will never know what your ex understand from  it.

4.  Stand your ground
Do not say you are better off alone but then return the next week because you are lonely. Be strong!!

5.  Inform your family, friends and co-workers about the situation. 
Having larger and stronger friends around may serve as deterrent.

6.  Don't share any details about your new partner with the ex.
Because it will make their obsess more and details about your partner's life, picture etc, may endanger your partner (this is of course depending on how crazy your ex is).

Well, there are some tips that I can find. Have you ever facing with this situation? How do you react to it? Please share your experience if you have any.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Been A While

It's been a while,
since I haven't see you,
it's been a while
since our last moment together,
been apart by the distance,
couldn't reach you,
couldn't see you
couldn't hold you....


as time goes by,
day by day,
its getting closer..

*counting the day patiently. v(^.^)v


Monday, February 7, 2011

The Cats And Squirrel

Not everyone like cats, is not it? I know it because my brother's wife also do not like cats. Every time our cat want to get near her, she will get angry and shooed away the poor cat. I even saw her hit my cat one day, such a naughty sister in law, hehe.

I have four cats right now and they are just a normal cats, not the expensive one and even if I sell my cats, nobody will want to buy it, hahaha. But, I still love them so much. Ok, enough about the love, let me tell you a story about these lovely cats of mine.

One morning, we were surprised to find out that one of our cats had catch a squirrel. So, they brought it inside the house and start sniffing and toying it around. I feel sad for the squirrel and try to rescue it from my naughty cats but its just too late.
After tired fooling around with the dead squirrel, they just left it untouched. 'Why didn't they catch a mouse instead?' asked my father, hahaha. But still, I am happy to see my cats are normal. The thing is these cats had lost their mother since they are very little. Luckily for  me, they already know how to eat at that time. So, they grown up with no guide from their mother and I started to wonder whether they can act like a real cat or no, hahaha I think  I am just being a paranoid there, hehe.

How about you? do you have any pet? any story similar to mine? please share some...


Sunday, February 6, 2011

My New Project : SBC

Yes!!! I am so happy everyone, want to know why? Because I have a new baby now, hehehe. What? you want to know the name of my new baby? Well, I called it SBC and it stand for Sabahan Bloggers Club, hehe.  SBC established to provide guidance to new bloggers on how to blog better, how to attract blog readers, help you improve your Google Pagerank and help you on the design of your blog.  The tutorial given in here was simple enough so the new blogger could easily understand it.

As I am having an internet problem in my workplace ( I am using my mobile to blog while in my workplace), and it is hard for me to handle it alone, so I asked lunaticg and Sumandak Kinabalu to join me, hahahaha. Actually, the boss is lunaticg, hehe, but I do not want to talk more about them, you will know more about them if  you visit their blog.

Want to join us and be a member of Sabahan Bloggers Club (SBC)? You should have the following criteria and follow this simple step:
  1. You’re Sabahan or Malaysian who live in Sabah.
  2. You have a blog.
  3. Just put our link exchange badge on your blog.
  4. Like our Facebook fan page.
  5. Email and inform us at your Facebook ID, together with your blog address/URL.
Very simple and easy one, right? hehe. The good news is SBC also available in Malay. I am having a headache while doing the editing  job, uhuk uhuk, so please come and read this new blog. I can assure you that you will like what you read in there and will not get a headache like me, hehehe. It is alright tough, I do not mind facing a little trouble, as long as I can give a little help to other. 

Any of you have visit my new baby before this? What is your opinion about it? did you like it? do you want to comment or complain anything about it?  You can voice it out here.

"We teach newbies, We are Sabahan bloggers"


Saturday, February 5, 2011

DLS : Dusun Song

Its Dusun Language Saturday (DLS) again. Every week on Saturday, I will share one situation and translate them to Dusun language. Today I will try to translate a Dusun song. Why do I am sharing my ethnic language? I am not very good in my language because we don't speak any Dusun at home. Most of the time, we speak Malay. Sharing my language, hopefully will help me improve my Dusun vocabulary. My parents and friends will be my references. There is no dictionary for Dusun language yet. Sorry for not posting any DLS for the past few weeks.
So the song that I want to share with you today called  'Nokosuai Ginawo ku' means 'change of heart' by Felix Agus. I think most of Sabahan know this song.
Dusun   : Nung id maso masod toruhai diti
Malay   : Kalau dalam masa terdekat ini
English  : If in the near future
Dusun   : Koboros okud tumongkiad dika
Malay   : Aku mengucapkan tentang berpisah denganmu
English  : I said my goodbye to you

Dusun   : Kada no koruol oh ginawo nu
Malay   : Jangan lah kiranya kau sakit hati (terluka)
English  : Hope you won't get hurt

Dusun   : Tuh iti noh ralan pilion ku
Malay   : Sebab ini lah jalan yang ku pilih
English  : Because this is the way that I want it to be
Dusun   : Id pomusarahan ku nopo daa
Malay   : Dalam fikiran ku
English  : On my mind
Dusun   : Au oku noh sipogihum doh suai
Malay   : Aku tak mahu mencari yang lain lagi
English  : I didn't mean to look for another one

Dusun   : Nga au ku nokoilo ti ginawo ku
Malay   : Tapi aku tak tahu hati ku ini
English  : But I don't know why my heart
Dusun   : Tu suminimban ie di pama
Malay   : Akhirnya berubah pula
English  : Finally changed

Dusun   : Nokotongkiad oku dika toruhai
Malay   : Aku berjauhan dengan mu buat seketika
English  : Been apart for a while with you
Dusun   : Iri no nokosuai ginawo ku
Malay   : Sebab itu lah hatiku berubah
English  : That's when my heart changed

Dusun   : Otopot noh kanto o boros doh tulun
Malay   : Mungkin benarlah kata orang
English  : Probably there's a truth about what people used to say
Dusun   : Sodu id mato, sodu nogi id ginawo
Malay   : Jauh di mata, jauh juga di hati
English  : Far from sight, much afar from the heart

Dusun   : Uludon ku ohopod tunturu ku
Malay   : Ku menyusun sepuluh jari ku
English  : I arrange my 10 fingers

Dusun   : Mokiampun oku'd kumaa dika
Malay   : Meminta maaf kepada mu
English  : Asking for forgiveness

Dusun   : Mimang yoku noh matu ie nakasala
Malay   : Mungkin memang aku yang bersalah
English  : Perhaps it is all my fault

Dusun   : Apatut nod katagadan nu
Malay   : Memang patut untuk kau marah
English  : Cannot blame you for getting mad 

Wow, so hard for me to translate this song, have to think carefully so the meaning of the song will still the same with the dusun version. Anyway, enjoy the song everyone. If there are any mistakes with the translation, do not hesitate to tell me, do not worry, I won't bite, hehehe.


Friday, February 4, 2011

True Love Or Obsess?

Sometimes, when you breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you still cannot forget her/him no matter how hard you try. Thus make you believe that he/her is your true love and you try and try to get him/her back tough you know that he/she already get a new life, new girlfriend/boyfriend, get engaged or get married.

What is true love? Do you really know what is is? If you do not know, click here to read more about it. One thing about true love is you will always ready to let go if it makes the person you love happy. Not hunting him/her down until they hate you. Obsess is an uncontrollable feeling toward your ex and you are willing to do anything to make him/her yours again. You cannot let them go and still hoping you can be together again. Does it sound like  love to you? Check more about love and obsession here .
Why do you cannot let it go? Have you ever think about it? Just how many grieving time you need to move on? and what stage are you now? As long as I concern, there are five stages in grieving which are:
  1. Denial
  2. A denial stage is when you are in denial and cannot accept about the end of your relationship. You keep on thinking that the breakup is not for real and you still believe that your ex will come back to you.
  3. Anger
  4. Anger is the stage where you will try to find who to blame for the breakup. You will continuously thinking about it and always end up with getting angry with yourself or others.
  5. Bargaining
  6. Bargaining is the process where you will beg for another chance to get your ex.
  7. Depression
  8. Depression is the stage where you will be sad all of the time and feel like you cannot do anything. You feel like there is no hope for you anymore.
  9. Acceptance
  10. Acceptance is the last stage where you will be able to forget your past and move on. 
Some people keep staying in the first stage, what a waste of time. I remember someone very close to me told me that we just have to open our heart and eyes, in order to find a new life, new love and new hope. You will say that easier for me to say right? But, if the others can move on, why can't you?


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrate it. Those who do not celebrate it, happy holiday, hehe. I do not celebrate it, but my grandfather does. So, I probably will go to their house later. Cannot wait to get an angpow from them, haha. What? I am too old to get an angpow? No. As long as I am not married, I am qualified to get an angpow, even if I am 50 years old, hahahaha.
As we all know, this is the year of rabbit (metal rabbit, according to the Chinese Horoscope Prediction). So, what do we know about this year? Rabbit is a harmless animal for me, so I do not think that this year is gonna be tough like last year.

The year of the rabbit is traditionally associated with home, artistic, diplomacy and keeping the peace. Therefore, 2011 is very likely to be relatively calmer one than 2010 both on the world scene, as well as on a personal level.

Some famous people who was born in the year of rabbit are Albert Einstein, Leon Trotsky, Frank Sinatra, Pope Benedict XVI, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp , David Beckham, Tiger Woods and Whitney Houston. One soon to be famous person that I know is my sister, Bellnita @ Manja, hehehe.

That's all for now, have to get ready for my driving lesson, uhuk uhuk. Happy Chinese New Year everyone. Hopefully you can get many angpow, hehe.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop Talking If It Is Just Meant To Hurt Me

Have you ever meet people that every time they talk seem to annoy you? or hurt you? They like to talk but never seem to care whether its hurt  or not. What worse is, they will never ask for forgiveness. I do not know what went wrong with them. Others will make mistake, but they will not (in their opinion la)

I do meet one or two in my whole life and it suck for having to face them everyday. Well, not everyday, on weekday only. At first, I still can handle it, but after three years, man! I really cannot stand it anymore, even to hear their voice from the distance. 

One of them is like to see me and ask to shake hand with me. What is the point of him doing that? I meet him almost everyday. So you can assume that I do not want to shake hand with him, and that is where he said something like this 'Kenapa pula, saya pun manusia ba. Hina sangat kah sampai kau tidak mahu salam?' (Why so? I am also a human being. Why you did not want to shake hand with me? Hello!!! Even if you are a prime minister, I still do not want to so it, not if it have to be done everyday. Beside, it is  my hand and its up to me whether I want to touch his hand or not. If  he still forcing me, that can be considered as sexual harassment, right?
The other one, is also well known for his temper and 'no insurance' mouth. People cannot ask why he is late or whatever question that make him look like a bad person. He even threaten to hit me for marking an X in his attendance, haha. I am just doing my job, no need to get angry with me, right? He is just so not gentleman hehe.
Well, enough with it. I know some of my boss read my blog. Sorry boss, I am not talking about you, hehe. So, how about your colleagues? Ever faces the same situation? How do you handle it? For me, I just ignore them, really do not know any better way other than that, uhuk uhuk.


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