Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Beanie With Love

Well, as I promised to you Beanizer, here are my answers to your tag. Sorry it took some time for me to answer it, hehe.

Beanie asks:

1/ What is your favorite foodie on Christmas?

~ Nothing special, I like all kind of food ( as long as I can eat it).

2/ Is there something you wanted to change or make unusual this Christmas or New Year?

~ Dunno, can't think any hehe

3/ If you would be asked to choose honestly between a last-piece gift (material) you've been dying to have and a 12-hour bonding with someone you longed for..which would you choose?

~ I choose the last-piece gift, haha

4/ Aside from home, where would you like to spend your Christmas or New Year?

~ Dunno, always spend it at home (watching television).

5/ Proceeds will go to charity, Which would you prefer to pet? Piranha, Shark, Snake, Crocodile? You MUST choose one.


6/ You are obliged to date someone, who would you choose: a murderer? a retard? a perv? Choose wisely and explain.

~Auww, a murderer maybe, so that I could kill anybody that hurt me.

7/ What talent/ skill do you desperately want but never owned? State one.

~ Lying, so that I could lie and never hurt anyone because I can tell what they want and like to hear.

8/ If you are to buy me a gift, what would it be? Excuses of not-giving is not allowed.

~ Emm... a pet? piranha maybe? You want?



akubiomed said...

Terkejut saya ingat buaya betul rupanya telah diawet :-)

beanizer_05 said...

you're a bit late..but yeah! they say it's better than never!

well that piranha looks quite big(?)..
can i touch it's teeth?? *getting hand inside*

Zezebel said...

akubiomed, haha ala, kalau buaya yang real, takdenya saya nak pegang..

Zezebel said...

beanie, so you like piranha huh? Glad to know that. Sure you can touch its teeth. You can also learn how to count by counting its teeth, hehe..

Sumandak Kinabalu said...

No. 6 tu bah...hehehe

Zezebel said... bleh bt mandak, smua pilihan yang teruk kan..haha

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