Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can We Accept it?

Sorry for the late update for the WW result my dear friends. I know I made a promise to update it yesterday but I was so busy and tired. Anyway, as you all know, the last WW answer is 'pen drive @ thumb drive'. No one had give 'pen drive' as their answer.  

Sumandak Kinabalu answered it as "has a special feature, can store and transfer data using this watch". I can accept her answer but as this is a contest, and I really do not want anyone to feel like I have been unfair, so I am going to ask you whether we can accept her answer as the correct answer or not. If there is no complain from the other contestant, Sumandak Kinabalu will be the winner for this contest then. 
Money or Books?

More Books

So there you go my friends. Please response as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.



gadisBunga said...

i think it can be accepted. :D

Didzy said...

i think it's acceptable too because she explained it the long form..short form pen drive je.

azieazah said...

I think so too. Accept jer. Itu saja jawapan yang paling hampir.

Tahniah buat dia.

akubiomed said...

I think she answer correctly and very close

beanizer_05 said...

unless you send me dark chocos..

ok! ok!'s acceptable. A watch can be a pen drive, it's kinda bulky to have CDs or any storage device along with a watch..maybe a chip will do.. But yeah, it's fine.

Can she read me bedtime stories?

lina said...

It is your contest. I think whatever you decide should be accepted by all who participate.

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