Thursday, December 9, 2010

Put shoes at the stair

The answer for yesterday WW is Isn't it weird if someone come to your office and they put their shoes at the stair? Hehehehehe.... To anyone who still new in my blog, every Wednesday I will be posting a picture or sets of picture and you need to guess  what I am trying to say in the picture.  I maybe will post together a caption, quote or a little bit clue in the post. The rest you need to look carefully at the pictures, the answer is normally there. The answer of the Wordless Wednesday will be on the next day (Thursday). Thank you to everyone who join my Wordless Wednesday contest. I had extended the WW for 2 weeks and add some books in this contest. This contest will end on 13 January 2011, you can read more about it here.

The correct answer is "Shoes at the stair", people who get it right:
  1. Sumandak Kinabalu
  2. mancai
  3. - zuriey -
  4. Just
  5. marcus
  6. mizzura
If I had left anyone out, please do comment here and tell me. Comments that past 24 hours mark will not be counted. Only one answer from one ID is allowed.

2010 WW Top 5 Contestants
  1. 64 Points-Just
  2. 60 Points-Marcus
  3. 56 Points-StellaClaire-Richard
  4. 49 Points-Mrs Graig_Kenny
  5. 19 Points-Sumandak Kinabalu

If you want to know more about this contest, you can read official post about it here: 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest. Please read it carefully if you want to participate. Everyone is welcome to join the fun of guessing the correct answer. I will post the complete list and everyone points tonight (8.40pm). Feel free to comment.

Put shoes at the stair

The weird thing about the picture is the shoes being left at the stair. This incident happened at my workplace. I was out to get some fresh air when I saw these shoes at the stair that lead to the office. The owner of the shoes is a gaman ( an uncle in dusun language).

Looking at this uncle, I smiled. It is unfair to think that  he is a 'kampungan person'  because it has been a tradition in our lives ( in Malaysia, people normally remove their shoes before entering houses) to always respect the rule of our ancients.

Although it is a bit funny since this uncle apply the rule even at a workplace or in a general places but perhaps he felt ashamed to bring his shoes because the office seems to be a clean place for him. Also, there was this incident at my mom's rice stall when an uncle remove his shoes before going inside our stall. We asked him to wear his shoes back because the floor at my mom's stall is not very clean like my office's floor. hehehe..



StellaClaire-Richard said...

haha..teda harapan sya menang ni hahaha

Just said...

At first sia nda jmpa apa yg weird.. berabis kunun spotting.. last2 baru sia perasan. hehheheeh... :D

lina said...

He's respecting the place like he does back home, I suppose. But of course, for us who sees him doing that may think it's funny, right?

Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

wrong answer for me pula.. ;p

StellaClaire-Richard said...

actually sya tdk heran..ramai juga org bt gitu..hehe

akubiomed said...

I get it wrong. Can I get markah kesian sis :-)

en_me said...

humble man he is.. nice

tehr said...

dah terlepas nak jawab
nampak gaya tak ada peluang lagi la nak menang

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