Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 WW weeks 4 contestant list

This is a list of contestant for 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest. The contest already started from 27 October and will end on 13 January 2011. We still got 7 weeks more and everyone still got a chance to win RM200 or books. Every Wednesday, I will be posting a picture or sets of picture and you need to guess what I am trying to say in the picture. I maybe will post together a caption, quote or a little bit clue in the post. The rest you need to look carefully at the pictures, the answer is normally there. The answer of the Wordless Wednesday will be on the next day (Thursday).You will get 5 points for the correct answer and 2 points for the wrong one. Anyone who get the most points will win this contest.

Just make sure you don't missed coming and guessing on my Wordless Wednesday if you want to join. Not everyone can guess the correct answer every time.

2010 WW Top 5 Contestants
  1. 59 Points-Just
  2. 55 Points-Marcus
  3. 54 Points-StellaClaire-Richard
  4. 47 Points-Mrs Graig_Kenny
  5. 14 Points-Sumandak Kinabalu

Complete list of contestant
  1. Lieya latiff +2 points+5+2+2
  2. Sumandak Kinabalu +5 points+2+2+5
  3. Lina +2points+2points+2 points
  4. Just +5 points+25(review)+5(Blogger)+5(Networkedblog)+5(Twitter)+ 5(email)+2+2+5
  5. Anif +2 points+2+2
  6. Didzy +2 points+5
  7. makdara TERdiva +2 points
  8. Syafrizal +2 points+2
  9. Hafizmd +5 points.
  10. ONN +2 points.
  11. annfrendly +2 points.
  12. Admin@donny +5 points+5
  13. Suri +2 points+5+2
  14. Khulanz +2 points.
  15. Fir'aun NgebLoG +2 points+2
  16. levian +2 points+2
  17. zuriey +2 points+2
  18. FyZa +2 points+2
  19. StellaClaire-Richard +2 points++25(review)+5(Blogger)+5(Networkedblog) +5(Twitter) +5(email)+5+2
  20. curio  +5 points+5+2
  21. Amy Syaquena +2 points+2
  22. b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o +2 points
  23. Ciklinn +2 points
  24. beanizer_05 +2 points+5
  25. akubiomed +5 points+5
  26. maslinamansor +5 points+5
  27. etomyam +5 points+2
  28. Ellen +2 points
  29. Jolly Princess +2 points
  30. Ismail N  +2 points+2 points
  31. Vera Peter +2 points+2
  32. gadisBunga +5 points+2+2
  33. Tomato Gurl's Life +5 points+2
  34. Marcus +5 points+25(review)+5(Blogger)+5(Networkedblog)+5(Twitter)+ 5(email)+5
  35. J.M.R +2 points
  36. dnoBiz +2 points+2
  37. Zikri Husaini +5 points+5
  38. cemomoi +2 points
  39. khairolghani +2 points
  40. jellybelly +5 points
  41. faRhaNa +2 points
  42. kucingorengemok +2 points
  43. Ati Masrif +2 points
  44. Gayahspears +2 points
  45. kata kila +2 points
  46. Hadi Rofiee +2 points
  47. eiela +2 points
  48. mummynana +2 points
  49. She is f.A.z.A +5 points+2
  50. Raymondtee +2 points
  51. tehr +2 points
  52. Rebelle Me +2 points
  53. MushroomCute +2 points
  54. Secangkir madu merah +2 points
  55. Mrs Graig_Kenny +2 points+25(review)+5(Blogger)+5(Networkedblog)+5(Twitter)+ 5(email)
  56. en_me + 2 points
5 points for correct answer, 2 points for wrong answer.

If you want to know more about this contest, you can read the official post here: 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest. Please read it carefully if you want to participate. Everyone is welcome to join the fun of guessing the correct answer.

If I mistakenly give a wrong point to any of you, please do comment in here. If you have any question regarding my contest, you're always welcome to asked about it too.



gadisBunga said...

hahaha!!! corotnye kite!!!

Stephaine said...

congratulation to them all.. well I will for sure join.. at least I have one more list on my new year goal hehehe to be on the number one rank hehehe!

Wanita Mutalib said...

wow..contest apa nih :)

Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Z, sa rasa ade ko tertinggal for my marks la..hehe

Email subscriber :
Blogger ID/Name : MrsGraig_Kenny
Facebook/Networkblogs : Kenny Thomas
Twitter : knythom

and blog review link:

thanks :)

lina said...

No need to put my name up. I'm not contesting. Just commenting for fun. *^-^*

levian said...

haha, you are indeed very hype with the contest.
best of luck with the contestants!

beanizer_05 said...

ah yes..ahmmmm..there is a correction there for beanizer..*pointing*
the number should be 50 + 2 + 5..
hmmmm..guess you interchanged the number after the's alright, just correct it..hehehe

cemomoi said...

pssst! tambah le sikit point tu jangan bagi sesapa heh!

Jolly Princess said...

Congrats to the winners! I am glad to be spectator. ♥)

tehr said...

masih gak kat hujung
tak tau la bila dapat kejar yang kat depan tu

akubiomed said...

Aisey my point tak gerak-gerak lagi :-)

Zezebel said...

Sorry for the late reply Mrs Graig_Kenny.
Already update the list. Thanks for informing. I missed calculate because of the 2 weeks break.

If there is anymore wrong point given, please feel free to comment in here. Maybe will reply a little bit late since I am busy going to friends weddings.

bean, sorry but you and curio drop to number 6 now.

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

congratz to the lucky winners!! XD

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

congratz to all the lucky winners!

Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Yay..thanks for the update :) will catch up next week WW :)

Gildo Kaldorana said...

Uuufff, enak pasti kalau tinggal di Sabah.
Nanti mungkin saya mau kesana......mungkin.
Salam kenal dan salam from Barcelona.

Faarihin said...

contest apa ni.. cam tak bape nak paham aje.. hahaha...

Fir'aun NgebLoG said...

nice info...!
good luck to contestants :D

eila said...


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