Saturday, October 2, 2010

DLS: days and weekends

Its Dusun Lotud Saturday (DLS). Every week on Saturday, I will share one situation and translate them to Dusun Lotud language. Today theme will be days and weekends. Why do I am sharing my ethnic language? I am not very good in my language because we don't speak any Dusun Language at home. Most of the time, we speak Malay. Sharing my language, hopefully will help me improve my Dusun Lotud vocabulary. My parents and friends will be my references. There is no dictionary for Dusun Lotud language yet. I am not sure if Kadazan already have a dictionary but there are many newspaper in kadazan. If I mistakenly do a wrong translation, please do correct me.

Dusun Lotud Saturday (DLS): Learn Dusun Language.
Days and Weekends 

Monday=Tadau koiso
Tuesday=Tadau koduwo
Wednesday=Tadau kotolu
Thursday=Tadau kaapat
Friday=Tadau kolimo
Saturday=Tadau koonom
Sunday=Tadau koturu 

Dawn=Anawau, Sumoup
Morning= Osuab,Kosuabon, Misasarap
Weekend=Tadau minggu

A day before yesterday=Songkonihab
Other day=Suai nadow

Good Morning=Osonong kosuabon, Avasi misasarap
Good evening=Avasi misosodop
Good Night=Avasi misosodoi

Any suggestion for next week Dusun Lotud Saturday theme? Any of you want to add anything into today theme? Feel free to comment and share it with everyone.


Dhemz said...

hi princessZ...glad to be here again....oh my, I like your looks great on you!

thanks for sharing your dialect....:) I see a few similarities in our Philippine goes like this:

koiso - kaisa (1)
koduwo - kaduwa (2)
kotolu - katulo (3)
kaapat - kaupat (4)
kolimo - kalima (5)
koonom - kaunom (6)

the difference is we use it through numbers not by days...pretty interesting...I learned something from yah!

ainnoraini said...

hai...zezebel osanong's true...
so cute la..pakai baju tu...

Zezebel said...

Dhemz, nice to learn something from you too :). The dress is so simple but the accessories made it look beautiful.. :). No wonder, everyone asked me to wear that outfit.. .

Girlie said...

i saw the similarity in numbers too =)

Zezebel said...

Ainnoraini : osonong kosuabon kumaa di'a.. :). Terima kasih, lain kali puji lagi...hehe

Zezebel said...

Girlie : you can share it in here. It's always fun and interesting to learn something new.. :)

cemomoi said...

idea yang baik ni... elok untuk kitorang yang tak reti bila nak ke sana nanti bule le belajo sepatah dua

Zezebel said...

Cemomoi : kita sama sama belajar bah...hehe

Sir Marcello said...

hahaha best2...oh ada DLS tiap2 sabtu..

btw, me tak boleh cakap bahasa sebelah ayah...hahaha...tak diajar...

gadisBunga said...

happy tadau koonom! :D

Amir Said said...

very interesting.

Monday=Tadau koiso (sa - satu)
Tuesday=Tadau koduwo (duwo - dua)
Wednesday=Tadau kotolu
Thursday=Tadau kaapat (apat - empat)
Friday=Tadau kolimo (limo - lima)
Saturday=Tadau koonom (onom - enam)
Sunday=Tadau koturu

Zezebel said...

Sir Marcello : bila balik sebelah kampung my dad, kami di bawa bercakap dusun lotud, bila balik sebelah kampung nenek sebelah my mom, kami di bawa bercakap dusun kimaragang, and sebelah datuk pula, di bawa bercakap cina hakka..semua pun kami tak reti cakap, sayang rasanya tak menguasai bahasa2 tu..

Zezebel said...

GB : Kopisanangan tadau koonom.. :D

Zezebel said...

Amir Said : nampak macam terrer bahasa dusun pula tu..hehe

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

nice...aku mula menghafal

Zezebel said...

B.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o : hafal apa tu? Hehe..

Sumandak Kinabalu said...

This is great. Keep sharing the language, you will become good at it ;)
By the way, you look fantastic in that dress.

Kosorou oku rojak re nonsok nu. Asadap tomod...
I keep thinking about the rojak you cook. Very tasty...

Zezebel said...

mandak : i feel funny because the translation is a combination of dusun kimaragang, dusun lotud and dusun marudu... Rojak? Nyum2..ada yg terliur tu karang owh..

Hadi Rofiee said...

Susah juga nak sebut. Hehe. :-)

Pa2 pun, lebih baik tahu dprd tak tahu.

stevebethere from bethere2day said...

I can barely speak English properly LOL :-)

Have a great weekend Zezebel

Zezebel said...

Hadi : susah sikit la nak sebut..tapi takpe..boleh tambahkan pengetahuan sikit kan..hehe

Zezebel said...

Steve : Haha... :). Have a great weekend to you too...

dondi045 said...

Thanks for the sharing your dialect. Thank you too for visiting my site! PrincessZ are you not doing a paid post? I think you need to start at least to monetize your site.

Elvyra Mait said...

saya orang dusun tapi belum pass dusun lagi.. perlu belajar lagi ni. huhu..

Kulanz Salleh said...

nice sharing..
walaupun aku nda pandai cakap dusun lotud ni, tapi ada juga paham sikit2 perkataan..

etomyam said...

wah banyak nya vocab baru dapat belajar hari ni, btw serioulsy nice pic.. memang classic tu :D

Zezebel said...

Dondi045 : thanks for visiting my blog too :). Right now, i am not doing any paid post, still learning to be a good blogger.. :D

Zezebel said...

Elvyra : saya lagi la tidak pass dusun ni. Sama sama la kita belajar a..

Zezebel said...

Kulanz : yang saya tidak tahu dalam bahasa lotud, saya guna bahasa dusun Kota Marudu ja tu...hehe

Zezebel said...

ETomyam : Terima kasih. Pakaian tradisi ada kecantikan dan keunikan tersendiri. Rasa bertuah juga dapat peluang pakai baju tu...pertama kali dapat pakai pakaian tradisi..huhu...

azizan4444 said...

ada kelas bahsa kt cni.thanks la sudi share bnda2 cmni.menarik..hehe....nanti nak ajar loghat kelate plk...:)

Roder Rock said...

Hi Zezebel, - Portuguese language is really hard, even translated into English a few sentences lose the meaning.

I tried more literal translation into English, I hope you understand.


i'M ASHAMED OF ME - Rui Barbosa

I'm ashamed of me ...
because I was an educator of these people,
because always I fought for justice,
for to collude with the honesty,
to fight for truth,
and by seeing these people, already called manly, heroic,
go down the path of dishonor.

I'm ashamed of me
for having been part of an era
who fought for democracy,
the freedom to be,
and having delivering it to my children,
simple and abominably,
the defeat of the virtues of the vices,
the lack of wisdom
in judging the truth,
the neglect of family,
mater cell of society,
the overwhelming preoccupation
with the "I" happy at any cost,
seeking such "happiness"
in roads riddled with disrespect
to his neighbor.

I am ashamed of me
by passive listening,
without dumping my verb,
so many excuses dictated
by pride and vanity,
so the lack of humility
to recognize a mistake committed,
so many "frills" to justify
criminal acts,
so reluctant to
to forget the old position,
ever contesting to back
and change the future.

I am ashamed of me
because I am part of a people who do not recognize,
embarking on paths
that I do not want to go ...

I am ashamed of my helplessness,
my lack of enthusiasm,
of my disappointments
and my tiredness.
I don't got where to go...
because I love this ground,
vibro to hear my anthem
and never wore my flag
to wipe my sweat
or curl my body
the sinful expressions of nationality.

Beside the shame of me,
I feel so sorry for you,
Brazilian people!

"Of both see the succeed of nonentities,
of both see prosper dishonor,
of both see grow the injustice,
from to see looming power in the hands of evil men,
the man comes to discourage virtue,
to laugh at honor,
to be ashamed to be honest. "

(Rui Barbosa)

Zezebel said...

Azizan: ya, tiap sabtu saya buat ruangan membaca. Susah nak buat, banyak perlu di buat tiap kali nak siapkan ruangan ni. Takde salahnya kita kongsi pengetahuan yg ada kan. Sharing your language is a good idea... You should do it.. :)

Zezebel said...

Roder : literal translation is really hard to do. But we will get better at it by continuously doing it. Thank you for sharing it in here, and yes, i can understand your translation.. :)

Zezebel said...

Azizan : *ruangan belajar bahasa dusun lotud* bukan ruangan membaca..huhu..

Zikri Husaini said...

Zezabel Osonong kosuabon, Avasi misasarap!!

suri said...

salam kawan..
sungguh terasa terbelit lidah ku ingin menyebutnya..

satu ilmu yang bagus utk dipelajari

Zezebel said...

Zikri ; cepat je mengaplikasi ilmu yang di dapati, bagus! Hehe...

Zezebel said...

Salam Suri. Sekadar berkongsi dengan niat untuk belajar sama..hehe :D

iWrench Bikes said...

Very nice dress! Beautiful!!!

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