Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest

All that books from yesterday Wordless Wednesday will be a gift for my 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest. To anyone who still new in my blog, every Wednesday I will be posting a picture or sets of picture and you need to guess what I am trying to say in the picture.  I maybe will post together a caption, quote or a little bit clue in the post. The rest you need to look carefully at the pictures, the answer is normally there. As a gift to anyone who get the correct answer, I will post your blog URL in the next post. The answer of the Wordless Wednesday will be on the next day (Thursday). 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest will be starting from 27 October 2010 until 31 December 2010.

The correct answer is "gift" or "giveaway", people who get it right:
  1. Sumandak Kinabalu 
  2. Just
  3. hafizmd 
  4. Admin
If I had left anyone out, please do comment here and tell me. Comments that past 24 hours mark will not be counted.

Top 5 2010 WW Contest Leader
  1. 5 Points- Sumandak Kinabalu, Just, hafizmd and Admin.
  2. 2 Points- Lieya latiff, Lina, Anif, Didzy, makdara TERdiva, Syafrizal, ONN, annfrendly, Suri, Khulanz and Fir'aun NgebLoG.

Zezebel 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest

The Prize:
  • Only one winner! All the books in the pictures or RM200 (for Malaysian) or USD50 (Participant outside Malaysia, paid using Paypal only).

Terms and Condition:
  • Everyone in this world is invited to join this contest. I am also welcoming everyone, If you just want to comment and don't want to participate.
  • The contest starting yesterday (27 October) until 31 December 2010. Any contest jobs that had been done after this period will not be counted. Participant with the highest point at the end of the contest will be the winner. 
  • Only one comment per ID/name is allowed for this contest. Please make sure you're using your correct ID when commenting to Wordless Wednesday. Comments that past 24 hours mark will not be counted.
  • Only one e-mail subscription is allowed for one participant.
  • No multiple account is allowed following me (blogger, twitter etc) per one ID/name.
  • You need to comment in this post to inform me about your following account or it will not be counted.
  • Your comments can be in any language (English, Malay etc).
  •  If you comment with a link/URL, that comment will not be counted.
  • Every Thursday, I will post the top 5 WW participant list, please comment if you have some complaint about it. 
  • Winner need to choose money or books.
  • If at the end of this contest, over two ID/name have the same points, I will make a Wordless Wednesday post about it and everyone will vote for the winner (only participant allowed to vote).
  • I will not be responsible if you experience any loss in the contest.

What you all need to do?
  1. Guess the correct answer for my Wordless Wednesday-5 points for correct answer, 2 points for wrong answer.
  2. Subscribe @ blog post via e-mail. (Please inform your e-mail address) -5 points
  3. Follow blogger Follower @ using Google widgets - 5 points.
  4. Follow @ using networked blogs widget -5 points.
  5. Follow me at twitter @ -5 points.
  6. Create a review about this contest and link to this post (Optional) -25 points. You're only allowed to post the link of the review in this post.
  7. After you have done doing number 2 to 6, please comment in this post with the details of your ID/name in Blogger, Facebook, Networkblogs and Twitter (ID/name that following my blog).

Good Luck to everyone and wish all of you will enjoy joining my contest.



    levian said...

    congratulation to the winner! this time there is something to grab hold to. :p

    Didzy said... kena ambil tukang ramal dulu ni...hahaha..
    wow, this contest sure gonna be fun ;)

    dnoBiz said...

    Wah Lumayan tu..
    Bagus gak kalau ada contest macam ni

    Just said...

    Ngam pulak tekaan sia! hihihi.. thanks..

    btw, klu nda follow ko d twitter krg points ka?? teda twitter ba kunun ni.. hhihih..

    Zezebel said...

    No winner yet.

    Zezebel said...

    just want to add more fun in my wordless wednesday.

    Zezebel said...

    jangan lupa datang minggu depan.

    Zezebel said...

    Kurang lar sikit. tapi tingu la di final nanti amacam. manatau buli menang tak follow. tapi kalau buat ada kelebihan sudah lar.

    khairolghani said...

    tak tahu pulak ada contest..jadi pemerhati je la

    Zezebel said...

    Contest baru nak mula. Jangan lupa join setiap hari rabu.

    Sumandak Kinabalu said...

    OMG! I love this kind of contest because hadiahnya BUKU ^ ^
    Chayo2 for myself!

    Zezebel said...

    Hahahaha mandak.
    Mimang sya tau tu.

    Just said...

    Err.. I think I have done all 2-6..

    Blogger ID : Just

    Facebook / Networkblogs : Just Suntin

    Twitter : justsuntin

    Zezebel said...

    Thanks just.
    I will add up your points for next week list.

    etomyam said...

    alamak, sibuk siapkan tugasan nak dihantar esok, termiss lah pulak contest. Boleh cover balik nanti ni :D

    Zezebel said...

    ada masa lagi ni. Masih di peringkat awal.

    Hadi Rofiee said...

    Kreatif. Lain drpd yang lain. :-)

    Boleh cuba jugak ni. Hehe

    Zezebel said...

    Hadi Rofiee.
    Semua orang boleh join. Senang jer.
    Hari rabu.., ingat zezebel. Hehehehehe....

    Dempsey Sanders said...

    a great contest Zee, I'm not a great book reader, too lazy ha ha, but wish everyone entering good luck, and well done on promoting such a good contest

    Zezebel said...

    Thanks Dempsey.
    Your blogger profile not available. i cannot see your blog URL.

    kak ina kl said...

    nanti boleh cuba.

    kat fb kalau tak kawan pun boleh vote. Terima kasih sudi vote akak. kat fb nama sape yer..tak perasan.

    Uncle Lee said...

    Hi Zezebel, hmmmm, have to scratch my head for this.....let me think think first....

    Zezebel said...

    kak ina.
    taip jer zezebel belle. tapi inform@message saya akak dari geng blogger. Kadang-kadang nama kat FB lain kan?

    Zezebel said...

    Uncle Lee.
    Hehehehe.... No problem.

    donny said...

    mana suda komen saya dulu sini bel?

    Zezebel said...

    Donny : Bukan yang wednesday punya ka yang kau ada komen?

    Eryati said...

    alahai...terlepas la

    Zezebel said...

    Masih belum habis lagi ni. Hujung tahun ni baru habis.

    StellaClaire-Richard said...

    mau join la..hehe

    Zezebel said...

    Boleh bha kalau ko.
    Nanti dah buat macam yang Just buat tu, update sini ya.

    Zezebel said...

    Masih kurang satu, email follower for feedburners.

    StellaClaire-Richard said...

    2-6 done.

    ID/name in Blogger: StellaClaire-Richard
    Facebook, Networkblogs: StellaClaire Richard
    Twitter: Stella_Claire

    and the review about this contest:-

    Zezebel said...

    Ok Stella.
    2-6 confirm. Will update your points now. Please check them tommorow.
    Thank you.

    Ellen said...

    wah sis, macam menarik ni..hehehe...lambat sudah mau join kan..hehehe

    Zezebel said...

    Masih awal lagi bha ni. Lagi pun, belum tentu yang di atas tu boleh jawab dengan betul.

    Just said...

    Termiss pulak your komen psl my email tu.. nyway, thanks for informing.. :D

    my email :

    Zezebel said...

    Thanks for the fast reply Just.
    Saya masukkan dalam post next week ya.

    Miz CanisTaL said...

    uik cam siok.. will be here next wen la juga.. hehe

    KlayeBlayk said...

    Hi! I'm Klaye and I heard about this over from Ate Jen, this is a really great idea. :) I hope to join the next one. Rock on! Congratulations to the winners btw. :)

    Zezebel said...

    Miz CanisTaL.
    remember zezebel every wednesday....

    Zezebel said...

    no winner yet. Still open to everyone.

    tehr said...

    dah terlepas 2 kali

    y@n@ M!B said...

    adiah buku tu..nice! =)

    Zezebel said...

    Masih sempat lagi nak join ni. Bukan semua orang boleh jawab betul. Hehehehehe....

    hafizmd said...

    terima kasih zezebel atas link tu...ade jugak betul...hehe..thanks

    Zezebel said...

    Sama-sama hafizmd.
    Masih ada peluang lagi ni. yang penting jawab betul.

    Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

    Holla ^____^ I'm joining :)

    Email subscriber :
    Blogger ID/Name : MrsGraig_Kenny
    Facebook/Networkblogs : Kenny Thomas
    Twitter : knythom

    and blog review link:

    Zezebel said...

    Hi Mrs Graig.
    Thank you, Still not that late to join.
    Just make sure you check the answer before comment on my WW. Look and read at the picture and clue carefully. You maybe can be a winner.
    Good luck.

    Zezebel said...

    Mrs Graig.
    OK. All contest work confirm.
    Will update your points next week.
    Good luck to you and enjoy my WW contest.
    Just remember zezebel every Wednesday.
    Thank you and Chayo-chayo...

    Anonymous said...

    Ala... last last pun I join jugak la.

    Email :
    Blogger follower Id: Marcus Khoo
    Facebook/networkedblogs : Marcus Khoo
    Twitter : marcuskhooht
    Review :

    Ada markah bonus ke sbb bday aku? kekek! :)

    Zezebel said...

    Terima kasih Marcus join contest saya.
    All contest work confirm.
    markah saya update hari Khamis ya.

    PS: Bday ko plak ka? Aiseh.., tunggu ko jadi TYT la dulu, baru sya kasi free point. Hehehehe....

    Mfaroz said...

    Visit here with smile, nice contest

    Sumandak Kinabalu said...

    Email subscriber :
    Blogger ID/Name : Jane Martin
    Facebook/Networkblogs : Jane Martin
    Twitter : sumandak81

    Blog review link :

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