Sunday, October 31, 2010

Magalang Magunatip dance video

Another Sabah dance that will make your feet moving instantly according to the rhythm , but this time it is the rhythm of the bamboo. This Magalang Magunatip or Bamboo dance video recorded when I am visiting Monsopiad cultural village in Penampang, Sabah. Magalang Magunatip is a Murut dance. Its normally performs during any festival. This dance get his name from the word "atip" which mean trapped. You feet maybe will get trapped by the bamboo when the rhythm became faster.

This is a dance, that need you master skill and timing in jumping and putting your feet between the clapping bamboos without being trapped. This dance does not usually require any instrumental music because the rhythmic clapping and stamping of the bamboos produce a loud, harmonised, beat and interesting sound or rhythm. Nowadays, most cultural show will add gong and kulintangan sound to make the dance more interesting. The clapping of bamboo will become faster and faster when it come to the end of the show. But they will make it slower for beginners that want to try this dance.

Anyone of you try this dance before? When the dancer called everyone to try this dance, once again I don't have a guts to try this one. I know I am not a good dancer but as a Dusun, we need at least know our dance, Sumayau. Maybe one day, I need to go to dance class to learn some cultural dance. Without us learning our own culture and dance, maybe one day it will be gone by itself, right? Since no one learn the dance and nobody will know how to do it in the future. That is not a good thing.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

DLS: Vegetables in Market

Its Dusun Language Saturday (DLS). Every week on Saturday, I will share one situation and translate them to Dusun language. Today theme will be vegetables in Market. Why do I am sharing my ethnic language? I am not very good in my language because we don't speak any Dusun at home. Most of the time, we speak Malay. Sharing my language, hopefully will help me improve my Dusun vocabulary. My parents and friends will be my references. There is no dictionary for Dusun language yet. Sorry for not posting any DLS last week.

Dusun Language Saturday (DLS): Learn Dusun Language.
Vegetables in Market

Basil=(Malay) Selasih=Sanggir, Bawing, Tompodon, Lompodos.
Brinjal=(Malay) Terung=Bintorung.
Cucumber=(Malay) Timun=Sangop.
Bean=(Malay) Kacang Panjang=Balatung, Torudui.
Chili= (Malay) Cili=lado.
Gourd=(Malay) Kundur=Gorouk, Gorowuk.
Pumpkin=(Malay) Labu=Tambunan.
Ginger=(Malay) Halia=Layoh.
Lemongrass=(Malay) Serai=Sogumpu, Sogumaw.
Turmeric=(Malay) Kunyit=Kunid.
Petola=(Malay) Petola=Pesilah.
Mustard greens=(Malay) Sawi=Umbuson.
Bitter gourd=(Malay) Peria=Poria.
Spinach=(Malay) Bayam=Sansam.

How Much the price of your cucumber auntie?
Piro ti sangop nu ti inan?

I Want to buy vegetables.
Momoli oku rapaon.

Do you plant this vegetables yourself auntie?
Tinanom nu sondiri ti inan.

Where this vegetables come from auntie?
Ponong honggo ti rapaon inan?

Is this vegetables still fresh auntie?
Wagu po ti inan?

Any suggestion for next week Dusun Language Saturday theme? Any of you want to add anything into today theme? Feel free to comment and share it with everyone.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Batu Sapi Election News

2 men versus 1 women. Who do you think will win? Hehehehehehe.... don't underestimate women power. I am not talking about a word wrestling fight, just Batu Sapi election news that happen around Sabah right now.  The by-election will take place on 4 November 2010 with 25,582 voters. It will be contested by Parti Bersatu Sabah Wanita vice-head Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin, representing the Barisan, SAPP chief Datuk Yong Teck Lee and PKR supreme council member Ansari Abdullah.
The by-election, the first in Sabah and the 13th in the country since the 2008 general election – is being held following the death of incumbent MP Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah in a road accident on Oct 9. He had won the seat with a 3,700 vote-majority against Independent Dr Chung Kong Wing. Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin is the wife of the late Datuk Edmund Chong Ket.

The talk among local political pundits is how the votes of the Muslim bumiputra (comprising 59.02% of the electorate), Chinese (38.06%) and non-Muslim bumiputra (2.69%) will be split among the contesting parties. Umno leaders expect 70% to 80% of the 15,099 Muslim bumiputra and 1,535 postal votes to swing to the Barisan to keep Batu Sapi safe for the coalition. But the 9,737 Chinese votes remain contentious, especially with Yong, a former chief minister, in the fray. The Barisan will need at least 40% of the Chinese votes for a win. The seat, however, will be in the balance if either the SAPP or PKR pull away 80% of the Chinese voters and 30% of the Muslim bumiputra. The remaining 2.91% or 746 non-Muslim bumiputra and others might be a decisive factor if neither of the three contenders gets a clear lead from the Muslims and Chinese.

I never been to the actual Batu Sapi place (The stones that look like a buffalo),  located some 20km from downtown Sandakan. But a legend surrounding a unique seaside rock formation that gave the Batu Sapi parliamentary constituency its name may serve as a reminder to the three contenders in the seat’s by-election.
There was once a buffalo and a salt water crocodile who were friends. The buffalo would come to graze near the seaside and chat with his friend, the crocodile. One day, while grazing the buffalo decided to take a walk in the sea. Upon seeing this, the crocodile became offended and accused the buffalo of stepping into his territory. This caused the friends to argue and they failed to realise that the sky had turned dark and clouds had begun to gather. Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck the buffalo and the crocodile and they turned into rock.
Source: Star newspaper 

Wish everyone in Batu Sapi (and all Malaysian Politician) will always remember, politic is a place for you to help people. Not a place to gain popularity, fame, wealth and fortune. When the election ended, wish everyone will all become friends again, everyone will be doing their jobs and stop talking about politic all day. Its boring thing when we need to watch our local news only full of politic story.


Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) Latest news

Do you know the latest news about Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR)? The national education system is set to undergo a major change in 2016 when the Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) public examination for Form Three students is replaced with school-based assessment. The change will also see the syllabus for the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) examination for Year Six pupils improved, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said yesterday. Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister, who is also Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, make an announcement after two roundtable sessions.

Muhyiddin said a committee formed to study and review both examinations had concluded that major changes were necessary to stay relevant in the current environment.

“It was agreed in general that the PMR be changed to a school-based assessment.

“As for UPSR, it was concluded that its effectiveness needed to be improved with a better syllabus,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Muhyiddin said the changes would not be implemented immediately to avoid burdening students and teachers, and disrupting the present education system.

“It surely cannot be done next year because the education system has a cycle, which makes it impossible for students under the present one to immediately sit for a new form of examination.

“We reckon that it will take six years for such a major transformation to really work because it in volves changes in syllabus and books as well as training for teachers so that they are not so examination-oriented,” he said, adding that the pilot project for school-based assessment had been carried out at some 550 schools since 2008.

Muhyiddin said the Malaysian Examination Syndicate would be roped in to ensure that the school-based assessment for PMR would be carried out fairly.

“We are aware that there may be a tendency among some schools to give high marks to their own students which can then invite negative perception towards the examination.

“This has been taken into consideration as it is no longer a public examination,” he said.

Source: The

I remember taking my PMR test in 1996 at SMK Kota Marudu with a good result, 7A. PMR will be a memory that everyone in my time will always remember. I totally agree, Malaysia need to let loose a bit of tense for students nowadays. Some of their family do put pressure on them to get a good results in every exam.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest

All that books from yesterday Wordless Wednesday will be a gift for my 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest. To anyone who still new in my blog, every Wednesday I will be posting a picture or sets of picture and you need to guess what I am trying to say in the picture.  I maybe will post together a caption, quote or a little bit clue in the post. The rest you need to look carefully at the pictures, the answer is normally there. As a gift to anyone who get the correct answer, I will post your blog URL in the next post. The answer of the Wordless Wednesday will be on the next day (Thursday). 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest will be starting from 27 October 2010 until 31 December 2010.

The correct answer is "gift" or "giveaway", people who get it right:
  1. Sumandak Kinabalu 
  2. Just
  3. hafizmd 
  4. Admin
If I had left anyone out, please do comment here and tell me. Comments that past 24 hours mark will not be counted.

Top 5 2010 WW Contest Leader
  1. 5 Points- Sumandak Kinabalu, Just, hafizmd and Admin.
  2. 2 Points- Lieya latiff, Lina, Anif, Didzy, makdara TERdiva, Syafrizal, ONN, annfrendly, Suri, Khulanz and Fir'aun NgebLoG.

Zezebel 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest

The Prize:
  • Only one winner! All the books in the pictures or RM200 (for Malaysian) or USD50 (Participant outside Malaysia, paid using Paypal only).

Terms and Condition:
  • Everyone in this world is invited to join this contest. I am also welcoming everyone, If you just want to comment and don't want to participate.
  • The contest starting yesterday (27 October) until 31 December 2010. Any contest jobs that had been done after this period will not be counted. Participant with the highest point at the end of the contest will be the winner. 
  • Only one comment per ID/name is allowed for this contest. Please make sure you're using your correct ID when commenting to Wordless Wednesday. Comments that past 24 hours mark will not be counted.
  • Only one e-mail subscription is allowed for one participant.
  • No multiple account is allowed following me (blogger, twitter etc) per one ID/name.
  • You need to comment in this post to inform me about your following account or it will not be counted.
  • Your comments can be in any language (English, Malay etc).
  •  If you comment with a link/URL, that comment will not be counted.
  • Every Thursday, I will post the top 5 WW participant list, please comment if you have some complaint about it. 
  • Winner need to choose money or books.
  • If at the end of this contest, over two ID/name have the same points, I will make a Wordless Wednesday post about it and everyone will vote for the winner (only participant allowed to vote).
  • I will not be responsible if you experience any loss in the contest.

What you all need to do?
  1. Guess the correct answer for my Wordless Wednesday-5 points for correct answer, 2 points for wrong answer.
  2. Subscribe @ blog post via e-mail. (Please inform your e-mail address) -5 points
  3. Follow blogger Follower @ using Google widgets - 5 points.
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  5. Follow me at twitter @ -5 points.
  6. Create a review about this contest and link to this post (Optional) -25 points. You're only allowed to post the link of the review in this post.
  7. After you have done doing number 2 to 6, please comment in this post with the details of your ID/name in Blogger, Facebook, Networkblogs and Twitter (ID/name that following my blog).

Good Luck to everyone and wish all of you will enjoy joining my contest.


    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    WW: What this books for?

    Wordless Wednesday: What this books for?

    Your guess?


    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    How to know if you're in love

    Thank you for the warm response on yesterday post. I will try to comply on some of your request in the comments, just don't forget to keep coming back. I normally post once a day unless my lappie need to see his doctor again. Hehehehehe.... Its very hard to explain about love to anyone who never find one. How to know if you're falling in love? Am I falling in love with him/her? I am not an expert but I try to list some of the characteristic that happened to me. It maybe can help anyone who is not sure about his/her feeling. All of this are just come from my experience, the feeling maybe a little bit difference for you. One thing, you maybe in love with that person but he/she most probably is not in love with you.

    How to know if you're falling in love list:
    • You will remember about him/her constantly. Your memory will be like a broken TV. Everything you see in your head, his/her face will be popping out. If he/she talk good thing about you, that words will keep coming out and you will be smiling thinking about it. 
    • You will be blushing in the early relationship. If you had a chance to meet and talk with him/her, you don't dare to stare their eyes, its like magnet. When they caught your eyes looking at them, you will be blushing and don't dare to look back.
    • Your hands will automatically want to contact him/her. That will involve Facebook, sms, mms and calling him/her. When you're alone, your head will think about them and your hand will automatically try to contact them. Its like something tell you to contact them. The feeling to contact them is normally very strong, something that you cannot resist.
    • You spend much of your day with him/her. The only time that the two of you will be stopping you from spending time together is when you're sleeping. Even if both of you are far away, that will never stop you from spending the time together. Your hand maybe will not stop from sms to him/her. When you wake up in the morning, you will contact him/her just to say good morning. Even at that time you already late to go to work.
    • You mentioning about him/her in your sentence. Without even realize it, you will find yourself mentioning about her in every sentence when you're talking to your friends, colleagues and even to your grandmother. Their name automatically come out.
    • You don't care about their bad stuff. Before your relationship with them, you maybe don't like people who smoke. But you can accept this. You maybe don't like Rock music but with them you can go to Rock concert together. You can tolerate with everything bad about them.
    • You want to do everything to make them happy. Even if you don't like to do something, you will always try to do it for him/her. For example you don't like to do exercise but because of he/she told you how you gain weight for the past few weeks. You try your best to loose weight. Some of you might trying to skip your meal for an example. You will always try your best to make sure he/she happy to be with you.
    • You planned what to talk about when he/she not around. When you're not with him/her, you'll find yourself rehearsing stories in your head that you want to tell him/her later. Maybe you saw a cat video that is funny in Youtube or what happened to you that day.
    • You can feel if something wrong about him/her. When he/she is sad or something, you can feel it in your heart. The funny feeling will keep bothering you until you contact him/her and know the truth.
    • Other thing less important when you're with him/her. When you're around him/her, you don't care about everything else. You can talk with them for hours. Even when you're already sleepy and need to wake up early in the morning for an important meeting. 
    • You're not scared to admit you love them. "L.O.V.E" is a sacred word for some people (not for liar though). With him/her, you always want to say "I Love You" 24 hours a day. 

    Again, please remember, love is about a relationship between two people. You will not going anywhere if you're the only one who love him/her without them loving you back. Saying "I love you" doesn't mean that they truly meant it. You also need to know how to make sure your boyfriend/girlfriend really love you or not. Will try to write about it in the near future. About the request on how to find a boyfriend/girlfriend after break up, will try to write about that too. Just make sure you keep on reading for my other love tips.

      Monday, October 25, 2010

      How to forget your ex

      I am not an expert but I see many of my Facebook friends are mourning everyday about their break up. Everyone like to put in their status on how much they missed their ex. Today, i want to share with everyone on "how to forget your ex in just one week". As long as you follow all this guidelines, I don't think you will remember about him/her ever again. This is just a help to all my Facebook friends who recently have a break up though. I am not an expert, some of my advice maybe will not suitable for someone. Feel free to add or comment about this list.

      How to forget your ex in one week guidelines:
      • Motivate yourself everyday. Try to motivate yourself everyday by saying "you need to move on with your life". Do it before you go to sleep and at the early hour in the morning. Break up will normally bring your mood down. You need to motivate yourself to bring the good feeling in you again.
      • Don't be alone. Go out with all your best friends and do something that can keep your mind occupied and lighten your mood. Please make sure you don't talk about your ex. If any of your friends asked about him/her, just say you don't want to talk about it and just want to have some fun with your friends.
      • Please don't try to sms, call, chat or even look at his/her Facebook (or any social media) account. Be brave. When its already a break up, you need to make sure you can move on with your life. Any contact with him/her will only make you regret for what happen. It will feel weird at first since you normally spent almost your entire day together. Suddenly you're alone with no one to text, chat or call. But you need to accept that it is over.
      • Try list down all the bad/negative thing about your boyfriend/girlfriend. The list will help you forget about him/her well doing. Its not easy but you will try to forget the pain faster then the fun, right? If this will make you remember about him/her more, please skip this one. We try to forget not try to remember.
      • No "just good friends" relationship. Unless both of you already accept that break up and can understand that you two are only friends now. Wait at least one year for "just good friends" or until both of you already had a new relationship.
      • Put away all the gift he/she ever give to you. Looking at the gift will make you remember every good memories with him/her. Put them in a box or somewhere that you cannot easily see. Return them to him/her as soon as possible is always the best solution.
      • Erase all his contact from your phone, your books, email address and your social network account (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc). Make sure you also delete all his/her email and sms that you received and sent to him/her. Just make sure you really cannot find any contact about him at all, as soon as possible.
      • Be active. Don't just sit on your couch watching Movies/TV or online in Facebook, mourning about your lost. Its not the end of the world. Try do something that you cannot do when you're in your relationship with your ex. Get out of the house and try have some fun. Staying in the house alone will only help you remember more about your ex.
      • Find a new boyfriend/girlfriend as soon as possible. Its not easy but that is the fast solution. Just remember to tell your new boyfriend/girlfriend you just had a break up. It maybe will help them understand about your mood at the moment. But please, don't compare your new one with your ex. Just have a nice time with your new boyfriend/girlfriend. If the activity involve something that will make you remember about your ex, please do tell. But no talking about your ex.
      Just follow all this list and try to be strong. Break up doesn't means it is the end of life but what it's really means is that it is a start of a new life.


      Sunday, October 24, 2010

      Bad driving habit of Sabahan

      Wuhuuuuuuuuuu.... I pass my driving test on Friday with 48/50 mark, almost perfect. Hehehehehe.... All the nervous is gone now. Will be attending a 6 hours workshop on Tuesday. Don't asked me what is the workshop is all about but my sister said they will teach you something about car. I just need to sit there and listen for 6 hours. Adooooi! It is a very long sit and listen thing. Wish I will not be sleepy on that day. On my last Driver Education Course, I write about some of a bad driving habit in Sabah. I am just writing this to share to anyone who will be driving to Sabah in the near future. I am not an expert but I think most Sabahan driver have this kind of problem in them.

      Here is a list that I write about "bad driving habit of Sabahan":
      1. Driver in Sabah like to be in the right lane even if they drive at 50 km / h. It will be useless for you to horn or mad at them since many driver doing the same thing in Sabah road. The best thing to do is overtake them. I been to Peninsular Malaysia before and see that people over there will be tailgating driver who is slow on the right lane. In Sabah, you might instantly ram into them since tailgating is a bit rare over here.
      2. Sabah driver also don't like to use the light signals when they want to change lane. You need to be extra careful and watch the car in front of you all the time. Especially when there is traffic light or roundabout in front.
      3. Although there were no vehicles on the roundabout, most vehicles will automatically stopped. Car that coming from the roundabout route, might be changing lane without giving any signals. There will be a massive jam after office hours near the roundabout. I will try to avoid roundabout during this time.
      4. During the night, many drivers will use their high beam light. If you cannot get used to it, please make sure you bring your black spectacles. Hehehehehe....
      5. Some Sabah driver don't like other vehicle cut their lane even though they were driving at a speed of 50 km / h. When they overtake you, please be patient and don't taunting back at them. Some of them might called their friends and attack you.
      6. You can see many people join the circus in Sabah roads. Hahahahaha.... Small car like kancil can accommodate up to 6 adults. Just don't get shock on what you will see. Hehehehe....
      7.  If you're driving in a town in Sabah (especially Kota Kinabalu), please don't speed. Pedestrian might suddenly cross the road even if the traffic light is green.

      I think thats all for today. If any of you might want to add, please do. I do believe many of you a more experience driver then me. Hehehehehe....


      Tuesday, October 19, 2010

      I wish to meet Lina

      I am not talking about Lina Maria, Lina Natalie, angeLina Jolie or any Latina Lina that you guys might think. I wish to meet Lina from Urutora No Hi blog or Japan Mad Family blog. Anyone who had been regular in my blog should knew that she is one of the regular commentators. I do remember that I meet her from the high bounce rating entrecard. She never judge me even that I am still young in this blogging thing. Not like other Otai (old timer) blogger who don't even bother to check what my blog is all about. Lina keep coming exchanging comment with me.
      At first, I thought she is a Japanese girl since all her blog post is about Japanese thing or related to Japan. Recently, she had a nine days trip to Japan and she is doing it during Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Her photo trip make me understand more about Japan and make me feel that one day I wish I can go to Japan too. But I remember Lina once told me in her blog that you need to passed a strict visa application requirement if you want to visit Japan. She also had two other blogs but I prefer to read her Japanese blog. She got a kid, Raimie who a die hard fan of Ultraman. Do you know that there is an Ultraman Museum in Japan?

      Why do I wish to meet Lina? One of the main reason is that I consider her as one of my best friends in this blogging world. The other main reason for my wish is that my fiance always asked me during Ramadhan month:
      Fiance: Berbuka dengan apa? (What do you eat for break fast?)
      Me: Beli kuih kak lina. (I buy food from Kak Lina).
      Fiance: Kawan nama lina? Yang blog tu? (You friend Lina from your blog?)
      Me: No lar. Yang itu Lina lain. Tak pernah jumpa dia lagi. (Nope. That is other Lina. I never meet her yet).
      Fiance: Satu hari nanti jumpa tu. (You will meet her one day).

      After that, every time I meet Kak Lina, I will remember  Lina The Blogger (That's what my fiance refer her). I knew Kak Lina for over 3 years since I start working in this office. She got 4 daughters and the eldest two are best friends of my little siblings; Manja and Atan. One of the best thing about Kak Lina is that she love to cook and her cooking is the best. Hehehehehe.... During Ramadhan, I am one of her foods regular customer. Even if she is not selling anything that day, she keep giving me her cooked meals for break fast. One of my favourite is her lime+orange slices+asam boi+ice drink. Even my fiance love it. Sorry.., I don't know what her drink called. Hehehehehe....

      To Kak Lina, I wish one day you will get a son, as what you always telling me.
      To Lina The Blogger, I wish one day I can meet you and write a post "I meet Lina Urutora No Hi".


      Monday, October 18, 2010

      Malaysia Driving lesson Process

      Yahooooooo!!!!! I start my driving classes yesterday. Well I am not driving any car yet only 5 hours of education course for yesterday. Its a boring course but I still need to pay attention to what the lecturer teach us. I want to be a good driver on the road without dangering other drivers. It will take a longer time for me to learn driving since I only get a chance for training on weekends. I know how to drive a car but I think it is better that we get a proper education before they set me loose on the road. Hahahahaha.... I heard that it will be expensive to get a driving license for next year and the test will be a little bit tougher.
      Malaysia Driving lesson Process:
      • Present at Kursus Pendidikan Pemandu (Driver Education Course) for 5 hours.
      • Passed the Computer Test (Road regulations test).
      • Present at a 6 hour workshop.
      • L license will be issued.
      • Driving training. Minimum study time is 8 hours.
      • Pass Practical Test-RTD (Road Transport Department).
      • P license will be issued.
      The process to obtain Malaysia driving license sound easy but its not. Unless you pay someone to make sure you don't failed any of the test. I know I don't. For this week, I need to read a sets of 500 questions that might be out for my Computer Road regulation test on Friday. There will be 50 questions for that test. It will be based on the Malaysia road regulations and laws, road symbols and driving skill. The L license is for you to learn driving on the road and the P license is like a 2 probation's license. If your point not get deducted because of accident and stuff. You will get the full license.

      Do you see the small hill on my picture background? They said I need to break on top of the hill as one of the test. Uhuk2.... That sound scary. Hehehehehehe....


      Sunday, October 17, 2010

      Sumazau Dance Video

      ♪ ♫Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♪ ♫
      ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
      ♪ ♫Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♪ ♫

      The sound of Gong and Tagung in this video always remind me how passionate Sumazau dance is. You will be in some kind of new world when the music start and the dancers start performing.This Sumazau Dance video recorded when I am visiting Monsopiad cultural village in Penampang, Sabah. Sumazau is consider Sabah number one cultural dance and you can see this dance in almost all state occasion. Hahahahaha.... Don't asked me to dance for you because I really cannot dance. Especially when everyone is watching.

      Sumazau is a Kadazan-Dusun dance. Its normally performs during Kaamatan festival or any gathering. This ritual dance also performs for different functions such as thanksgiving for bountiful paddy planting and harvesting, prayer against evil spirits, honouring the spirits as well as to cure illness. The dance involve hand movement that look like a flying bird. The dancers (male and female) will face each other and moving their feet according to music with small movement. Their hands are spread up and down like flying birds. The feet movement of male and female are different.
      If you come to Sabah, don't forget to watch any cultural performance or at least try Sumazau dancing. You will never forget the music and the dance step after trying. Just remember to visit some of the cultural village such as Mari-Mari cultural village in Kionsom Inanam or at this Monsopiad cultural Village in Penampang. Both of this place is just few minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu. You can also watch this dance during Kaamatan festival. Some of the restaurant like Kampung Nelayan Village in Luyang also show this dance for free and they always invited guest to dance with them.

      Any of you try this dance before?


      Saturday, October 16, 2010

      DLS: Fruits at Tamu

      Its Dusun Language Saturday (DLS). Every week on Saturday, I will share one situation and translate them to Dusun language. Today theme will be Fruits at Tamu. Why do I am sharing my ethnic language? I am not very good in my language because we don't speak any Dusun at home. Most of the time, we speak Malay. Sharing my language, hopefully will help me improve my Dusun vocabulary. My parents and friends will be my references. There is no dictionary for Dusun language yet. I am not sure if Kadazan already have a dictionary but there are many newspaper in kadazan. If I mistakenly do a wrong translation, please do correct me.
      Dusun Language Saturday (DLS): Learn Dusun Language.
      Fruits at Tamu

      Durian=Tupolo, Sukang
      Watermelon=Sadur, Sikui
      Corn=Tawaran, Luong
      Sweet potato=Kasou
      Ubi Kayu=Mundok

      This week theme is a suggestion by Khulanz salleh. Any suggestion for next week Dusun Language Saturday theme? Any of you want to add anything into today theme? Feel free to comment and share it with everyone.

      Friday, October 15, 2010

      World's smallest man- Khagendra Thapa Magar

      Khagendra Thapa Magar stands just 26.4 inches (67.08 centimetres) tall, according to final measurements taken by Guinness World Records, the Nepalese teenager whose tiny stature has made him a celebrity in his homeland entered the record books as the "world's shortest man" on Thursday as he celebrated his 18th birthday. He snatched the record from 24 year old Edward "Nino" Hernandez from Colombia, who was included in the Guinness Book of Records for the first time just five weeks ago.
      "Khagendra Thapa Magar is now officially the shortest man in the world," said head of global records Marco Frigatti at a ceremony in the picturesque Himalayan town of Pokhara in central Nepal, near where Magar grew up.

      "We want to congratulate Khagendra Thapa Magar and his family for this feat. This is a big day for Nepal," he added.

      Magar's family looked on proudly and a big cheer went up as he was awarded the Guinness World Records certificate. The country's caretaker prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said he was "the pride of our nation.". Magar, the son of a fruit seller from rural Nepal, is the size of a toddler and weighs just 6.5 kilograms (14 pounds). He says he dreams of marrying and travelling the world in his wife's handbag, and has already been named a tourism ambassador for Nepal. His family had previously laid claim to the record, but the teenager needed to reach his 18th birthday before being officially recognised because of the possibility he might grow further. His height was earlier calculated to be 25.8 inches, but was revised by Guinness World Records because he had a slight hunch when standing and measured slightly more lying down.
      In Pokhara, a lakeside town popular with tourists, shouts of recognition greeted the teenager wherever he went this week, and Magar's father said his son was enjoying the attention.

      "Khagendra may be small, but his size has earned him a big name," Rup Bahadur Thapa Magar told AFP.

      "People are always so nice to him. They come up and ask to have their photograph taken with him. It makes us feel that he is loved, and he likes it too. Khagendra is a true blessing from God."

      Magar senior, who runs a fruit shop in the family's village in central Nepal, said he did not know what caused his son to stop growing. But reports say that the teenager suffers from primordial dwarfism, a condition that typically reduces life expectancy to as little as 20 years.

      "He was so tiny when he was born that he could fit in the palm of your hand, and it was very hard to bathe him because he was so small," said his father.

      "Sometimes it made us sad when he was growing up because we thought he would never be able to do normal things like ride a bike or drive a car, but now he is so popular, and that has made us happy."

      Magar rarely speaks publicly himself, but in a conversation with journalists in Pokhara this week, the teenager said he wanted a remote controlled car for his birthday and that he would rely on his future wife for transport.

      "I'm hoping to marry in two years' time, when I am 20," he said. "I'll sit in my wife's handbag and travel the world with her."
      Last month, Magar travelled to New York as part of a publicity trip organised by Ripley's Believe It or Not curiosity museum, where he posed alongside a life-sized figure of the tallest man in history ( the 8 foot 11 inch American Robert Wadlow). He also travelled to Italy earlier this year where he met He Pingping of China, who was the world's shortest man until his death in March. The pair appeared together in a television show. Guinness World Records says the shortest man ever is thought to be Gul Mohammed from India, who was said to have measured just 22.5 inches, although this was never independently verified. As his big day approached, Magar's father said the family intended to mark the occasion by sharing a birthday cake with relatives and the dozens of journalists who have gathered in Pokhara.

      Source: AFP


      How many ethnic in sabah

      Do you know how many ethnic do we have in Sabah? Any of you heard about "Jejak Etnik"? Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka's (DBP) Sabah Branch Director Zubaidi Abbas explain recently in Bernama, The Jejak Etnik is DBP's Sabah first project of the kind, one of the main objective of the programme is to map out ethnic languages in Sabah, as well as to find out how the mother tongue is being used as a language of communication at home among the ethnic races. The Sabah DBP Branch director said "Jejak Etnik" was started six month ago, and was supposed to be a five-year programme but had to be 'shelved' for the time being due to limited funds.
      But the bulk of the study was concentrated at Kampung Landung Ayang Laut, Kudat, in the Sabah east coast. Kampung Landung Ayang was especially chosen for its diverse ethnic population where at least 35 dialects or sub-dialects were found to be the language of communication among its residents. The ethnic groups residing in the village include Dusun, Bajau, Sungai, Bonggi, Brunei, Murut, Melayu Suluk and Kadayan.

      "We found out that the use of mother tongue as their language of communication is on the decline, whereby about 2,007 or 52.5% of the population were more proficient in Bahasa Melayu than in their 'bahasa sukuan'.

      "In terms of research objectives, it can be assumed that bahasa ibunda or mother tongue is not widely used in their daily communication at home as compared to Bahasa Melayu," Zubaidi told Bernama.

      He said from the 1,308 respondents among the Rungus ethnic group in Kampung Landung Ayang Laut, only 676 people within the age range of one to 19 years were still proficient in their mother tongue, while only 73 people out 240 respondents from the Ubian clan of the same age speak fluent Bahasa Ubian.

      "Overall, we have interviewed about 5,779 respondents, including 1,313 people who have responded by returning the questionaires sent to them.

      "In some places, we sought the help of the village head,the district office and the Kudat Native Court to deliver the forms and conduct the interviews," he said.

      "Our initial study showed that there was indeed a valid concern as far as extinction of ethnic dialects in Sabah is concerned.

      "This is because the younger generation below the age of 30 tend to be more comfortable speaking in Bahasa Melayu rather than in their respective ethnic languages," he said.
      Zubaidi explain that for an ethnic language to survive it needs at least 100,000 people to practice the language and if the number is less than that, the language is considered as 'dying'. He cited the Begahak ethnic group residing in Mukim Tungku, Lahad Datu, as a classic example of a 'dying bahasa sukuan' because it was found out that only about 2,000 people of the ethnic group speak the Begahak language. The Tobilung ethnic community at Kampung Mengaris in Kota Marudu is also said to be losing their proficiency in their mother tongue.

      The reasons behind the declining proficiency in the usage of mother tongue among the ethnic groups in Sabah includes mixed marriages involving different ethnicities. For example, if the husband is a Dusun and his wife a Sungei, the Bahasa Melayu will be the dominant language of communication at home, thus effectively 'denying' their children's chances of practicing their mother tongue.

      "Another glaring factor is through migration. The moment an ethnic group migrate, their language of communication will be very much influenced by the new community or the environment," he said.

      Source: Bernama.

      Here is the list of ethnic language that can be found in Sabah.
      1. Bajau.
      2. Banggi.
      3. Banjar
      4. Bisaya.
      5. Bonggi.
      6. Brunei.
      7. Bugis.
      8. Chinese.
      9. Cocos.
      10. Ida'an.
      11. Illanun (Irranun).
      12. Indian.
      13. Javanese.
      14. Kadazan-Dusun.
      15. Kimaragang
      16. Kedayan.
      17. Lotud.
      18. Malay.
      19. Minokok.
      20. Murut.
      21. Nunuk Ragang.
      22. Rumanau.
      23. Rungus.
      24. Sungai. 
      25. Suluk.
      26. Tambanau.
      27. Tagalog.
      28. Tausūg.
      29. Tidong.
      30. Tobilung.
      31. Tombinuo
      32. Ubian.
       Do I missed any ethnic? Feel free to comment and share in this post.


      Thursday, October 14, 2010

      Malaysia budget 2011: Government salary

      Every time there is a Malaysia budget, people will be speculating about government sector salary increment or pay rise and bonus. This year is the same thing with at least 10% pay rise for government servants according to a talk and chat in so many Malaysia forum site today. Some forumer also speculating that government servant might get a maximum 30% pay rise for 2011 budget. They said, no bonus will be given this year since the salary increment much more better. COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) will be terminated. The salary increase is expected to be starting in November 2010.
      The 2011 Budget will be tabled tomorrow on 15 October 2010 by Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Parliament. Najib said next year's budget will operationalise the five strategic thrusts outlined in the 10MP. This involves transforming Malaysia using the National Key Results Areas (NKRA) methodology, unleashing economic growth, inclusive socio-economic development, developing and retaining a first world talent base as well as enhancing the quality of life. This will be achieved through the four pillars of national transformation agenda of 1Malaysia concept, the Government Transformation Programme, the New Economic Model and the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP).

      The rise of government servant salary will also mean the increase of most major necessary item, its a trend. I don't know if the same thing happen in other country. Seller in Malaysia will make the government salary increment as an excuse for them to increase the price of goods. Don't worry everyone, ithis is just a rumour that I read today from most Malaysia forum talking about Malaysia budget for 2011. Some even says people in the treasury department confirm the latest news. Hahahahaha.... In my opinion, just read what you found in the Internet and wait for the announcement tomorrow.

      Source: Star Newspaper 

      Anyone knew what time this budget 2011 will be announced by Najib tomorrow 15 October 2011? 3 pm?

      My cute mom pictures

      Doesn't my mom look cute in yesterday pictures? Hehehehe... If your guess for yesterday Wordless Wednesday, the pictures are taken in 1977, you're right. But since no one answered it correctly, I had decided to accept 1970' as the correct answer. To anyone who still new in my blog, every Wednesday I will be posting a picture or sets of picture and you need to guess what I am trying to say in the picture.  I maybe will post together a caption, quote or a little bit clue in the post. The rest you need to look carefully at the pictures, the answer normally is there. As a gift to anyone who get the correct answer, I will post your blog URL in the next post. The answer of the Wordless Wednesday will be on the next day (Thursday).
      The correct answer is "1977" or "1970", people who get it right:
      1. StellaClaire-Richard 
      2. Sumandak Kinabalu 
      3. maslinamansor 
      4. Anif® 
      5. cik fiza 
      6. ONN 
      7. HiPnCooLMoMMa 
      8. en_me 
      If I left anyone out, please do comment here and tell me. Comments that past 24 hours mark will not be counted. Thank you everyone for participating my Wordless Wednesday. Onn.., I am not sure about all the upper 1975 pictures taken are in full color since most of my parents pictures around that year still in black and white. Girlie.., I agree with you this one is the hard WW so far.., sorry.
      That cute mom of mine is Mrs Jauma@Chai Nyuk Lan. the pictures taken on 13 September 1977. She have a Dusun Kimaragang (my grandmother) and Chinese (grandfather) blood in her. The pictures taken when she is 15. The second pictures is taken with her closed freind Faridah Neng. Its been a long time she don't meet her friend. She lost any contact of Faridah and she cannot remember anything about Faridah family too. Who know, one day some of Faridah relative will read this post, please do reply in here or email me. Maybe we can do "jejak kasih" for my mom and her closed friend.

      What I admire most of my mom is her ability to do her own business. She never failed in her business. Whatever business she do, she always gain profits. Currently, she own a rice stall and try to get school hostel tender (to provide meal to pupils staying there). When I asked her what is her inspiration in life? She answered that during her young days, she can only study until form one in secondary school since her mom want her to go to work to support her family (that time their family a very poor). She agreed with my grandmother decision but deep in her heart, she promise to herself she will never stop her children from studying. Poverty will not be an excuse for her to give proper education for her children. 

      Right until now, three of her children (Me, Anna & Beth) already finish their degree and Ana currently studying for her master. Mahadi (the oldest son in the family) finish his STPM and will further his study when he get a chance. Nonong (My sister who asked me to find her a boyfriend), currently studying in education college. The youngest two (Manja & Atan) are still in their primary school. She kept her promise right until now, right? Hehehehehe....

      Mom.., you're an aspiration in my life. Thanks for all what you give me all this long 28 years. I can only wish one day when you needed me, I can take care of you. Thank you mom.

      PS: Please don't forget to visit next week Wordless Wednesday. Hehehehe....


      Wednesday, October 13, 2010

      WW: What year this pictures taken?

      Wordless Wednesday: What year this pictures taken? Your guess?

      PS: That's my mom. Both pictures taken in the same year.


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