Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Mcdonald GCB Burger

I don't eat burger but I keep seeing this ads about Mcdonald new GCB Burger in TV. I asked someone to go to McDonald and have a try. According to their ads the new McDonald's GCB is a great tasting chicken burger, with grilled juicy whole chicken thigh layered with glorious char-grilled sauce and topped with gorgeous crunchy lettuce. their ads also mention that the Great tasting GCB offered a multi layered taste experience that will leave you craving for more. Its also said that this GCB burger is only for a limited time only.

You can also join their "What's your G?" contest from 15 july until 9 August 2010. Just log on to your facebook account and search for my.Mcdonalds. It will bring you to their Facebook application of that contest. You need to register with your real name, identity card number and your email address if you want to join this contest. After that its all a page where you need to tell Mcdonald What is GCB Burger for you in a "G" Word. You also need a picture or YouTube video of you eating that GCB Burger. After all the detail complete, you can publish your "What's your G?" to your Facebook wall and asked your friend for support by voting your "G". You can win RM5,000 from this contest. You can go to McDonalds official website and check out the detail of this contest.

Eating a burger and won a contest, yeah right. For me my G for that burger will be "Gross". You can see it is full of oil and fat. I don't know how you can eat that without feeling sick. Maybe i don't like to eat burger but this really look gross for me. Wish everyone good luck in that contest. I most probably will not win anything with my G. Hahahahaha....


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

i eat burger once in a while, but their fries all the time =)

i can understand why you find burgers gross, like you said it's oily =)

Zezebel said...

Hi HipnCoolMomma.
Maybe because I just don't like oily food so much. I do eat them sometimes but not like it when it is oily.

donnyien said...

sadap ni bel..suda sy try tuari he

Zezebel said...

Kalau minat, sedap la.
Nanti la sya try...

Yesta said...

kinda wandering on your blog before suddenly I saw this post.

I would agree bout what you tought of G for that burger would be "Gross",but doesnt mean i wouldnt get Mc'Ds Meal as for my tonight dinner lol

thanks ,I starved myself being here. :D
And Thanks for following me back, anyways nice blog!

Zezebel said...


thanks for commenting here. Really appreciate it. i like fast food but i love 'slow food' more ehehe.

enjoy your meal hehe.. ^^

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