Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy 53rd Merdeka Malaysia

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Wish everyone will be flying their Malaysian flag high today even though we can read almost everyday that some people doing a no flag waving for this merdeka (Independence).  In protest for the new government who keep on increasing petrol price and never give bonuses to the government servant. Happy 53rd Merdeka Malaysia. Where ever you are. How high do you you put your flag (at least) for this year celebration? Or you one of the many who don't fly any flag today? I don't judge, I just want to know why. Hehehehe....

For some people, Merdeka is just watching firework at 12 am while shouting Merdeka. After that, the next morning going to the Merdeka Parade or for some just watch it on TV. Some of us even don't know the history of our own country. Anyway, today I just want to share what I found out about Malaysia.

1. Do you know how Malaysia choose hibiscus as our national flower?
Once Malaysia achieved independence in 1957, Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra AI-Haj expressed a desire to find a suitable flower to declared as the National flower for Federation of Malaya. Thus, he has directed the Ministry of Agriculture to find the flowers in the country to be selected as the national flower. After a thorough search for a while and ended at the end of 1958, the Ministry of Agriculture highlighted the seven types of flowers kenanga, hibiscus, melor, lotus, rose, cempaka and tanjung (sorry, I don't know their name in english).
From all the flowers chosen, hibiscus has been officially announced as the national flower of the Federation of Malaya on 28 July 1960 by Prime Minister of Malaysia. The selection was made based on the uniqueness of the self-interest than other flowers.The red hibiscus flower was seen as a symbol of political and economic strength and courage of the people in the nature of challenges. Meanwhile, the five petals are means of five Fundamental principles. Hibiscus also has a lot of color, shape and size reflect the different races, religions and cultures of the various races living in peace and harmony.

2. How The flag get the name Jalur Gemilang?
The Malaysian flag with its 14 alternate red and white horizontal stripes representing the 14 states including the Federal Territory as well as a crescent and eleven point star superimposed in yellow inside a blue quarter was officially named the Jalur Gemilang by the then Prime Minister Datuk Seri (Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Aug 31, 1997 in conjunction with the nation's 40th anniversary of independence. Jalur Gemilang combines the Malay word "Jalur" which means stripes or range of values while "Gemilang" signified glory, the Jalur Gemilang is a symbol of national identity that encompasses the 1Malaysia concept.

3. Why Tiger has been chosen as Malaysia animal symbol?
One of the main reason is that tiger symbolize power and strength. Tiger is one of the earliest animal found in federations of Malaya. You can also found a pair of tiger flank on Malaysia coat of arms, this is as a symbol of Malaysia in the sphere and always ready.

Happy Merdeka day everyone. Please share what this 53rd Merdeka meant for you Malaysian?


Monday, August 30, 2010

We sister look the same?

Arrkkkkkkkk.... That me shouting out loud inside when people were saying that I and my sisters look the same. Its not easy having 4 sisters. Luckily, one of my sister is still small and don't have to compete with us. Hehehehe.... If you meet our family in person, you will most probably noticed that all of us have a different looks and personalities. But I don't want to talk about my two sisters who are still available and single. I will just focus on Beth@Rat that most of you say look the same as me. Hehehehehe.... Don't killed me Rat for this post. I know she will be reading this.

For a start, I am one centimeter taller then her. That still count, right? Hehehehehe.... I don't have time to asked her to scale her weight but I know I will win since she is not fasting. Hehehehehe.... I am a Muslim and she still have not convert yet. She is fasting but she will drink water when she feel thirsty because the weather is hot at my mom rice stall. Beth.., don't cheat fasting. You maybe can catch up with my weight by the end of Ramadhan. Hahahahaha.... Our mole also differentiate both of us together. Both of us have a mole below our lips but I have a mole on my right cheek. When you come and meet us, you will most probably talking more with me since Beth don't talk much in her real life. Another significant difference is that I don't loosen my hair like Beth. I always tied my hair.

Hehehehehe.... Do you need more reason why I am saying that we don't look the same? I think that should be enough, right? Beth..., come on comment in here and says that you agree with me. Hahahaha.... There is a Malay saying that keep quiet means I am right (Diam tanda setuju). No reply from you means, what I am saying here is right. Hehehehehe....


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tamu in Kota Marudu

Have you been to Tamu Kota Marudu? Tamu (flea market, sunday market) at my hometown start to open on Saturday evening until about 2 pm on Sunday every week. To everyone who have never been to Kota Marudu before, my town is just 130 KM from Kota Kinabalu and take roughly about 2 hours drive from there. When I search Google about this, I found that many website write that this tamu held at Goshen. That is outdated and wrong information. Its held at Tamu site, near Kota Marudu vegetables market.

Many people come to Tamu because we can get more choice of items and the price are cheaper than normal days. This is mainly because most seller in this Tamu is people who plant their own fruit trees or vegetables. They came here mostly just want to meet an old friends and selling their items is just a second priority. I can get vegetables, fruits or livestock almost 20% cheaper than market price when I go to this place because Kota Marudu District council only charge RM2 per seller a day. You can get craft, children toys, vegetables, fruits, clothes, local foods and sometimes antique stuff in this place.

Kota Marudu don't have any mall or big supermarket, this Tamu is the only place people can come and socialize. On Sunday, you can see many people from all sort of life coming to Kota Marudu. People from Ranau, Kota Belud, Pitas, Kudat and all near by district also come to sell and buy in Tamu Kota Marudu. Beside buying their daily need items, people can meet their friends and talk about what happen in their life. Its like if you want to meet an old friends, just remember when will the next tamu will be. You will most probably found your friend here.

A lots of changes had been happening in bandau Kota Marudu but I hope this Tamu will keep on going. I know it will be staying there for a long time. Most of you from peninsular Malaysia had been going to Gaya Street Tamu, right? Try coming to Kota Marudu for a change. You can find cheaper item thanKota Kinabalu Tamu. Hehehehehe.... Do I sound like a promoter?


Saturday, August 28, 2010

One month anniversary

Wuhuuuuuuuu..... Today is my blog one month anniversary. Thank you everyone for your support on Princess Zezebel Lair. Its been a long month with a lots of up and down. I learn many things from blogging. I earn many new knowledge that bring me to this day. Search Engine Optimization "SEO", keywords, entrecard, google analytics, feedburner and google webmaster tools are just some of the tools that I learn to used in blogging. Learn new thing is fun but need a lots of hardwork and determination.

What do I achieve so far from all this:
  • 246,823 alexa ranking.
  • 4,618 links to my blog.
  • 3,614 unique view visitors.
  • 7,254 page views.
  • 47 google feed subscriber.
  • 59 google friends connect follower.
  • 20 facebook networked blogs follower.
  • 49 traffic source from search engine.
  • Visitor came from 45 country.
  • On average 24 comments a day.
  • On average 85.73 unique view visitors a day. 
I know many things will be coming to this blog. I had seen my effort to get a good rank in Google been blown away in just few minutes. I learn that entrecard do come with a really high bounce at least 89% a day. To anyone who don't know what I mean, you need to install some web analytics (Google analytics or statcounter) to check your website bounce rate. High bounce mean people just coming to your blog and not interested on reading it. This will mean that Google will rank your blog lower in the future because your blog is not a good quality because people just come and run away. Something like that. Hehehehe....

One month blogging also bring me to 5th place in Google under "Sabah Lifestyle". Some people says that this is because blogspot own by google, that is the reason for the easy rank. For me a new  blogger, this already an achievement. This can be achieved by placing my blog name at the back of my post title (I will teach you later). My blog also achieve faster by Google, almost the same moment after I click the publish button. Hehehehe.... Thanks Mr. Google, maybe you can help me to rank better next time.

What will I do next?
  • Share what I learn so far in SEO and blogging with everyone.
  • Learn how to use social bookmark.
  • Find new traffic source.
  • Improve my writing. Hehehehe.., sometimes my grammar suck.
  • Improve my photo taking skill.
Thanks for all the comments by everyone. I already improve the view of this blog for normal screen (no problem for wide screen). Thanks to  donnyien and  azieazah for informing me. They said that they cannot read my post on the right side of the screen. But please don't spam my blog comment with your link, I will not tolerate that. Will strictly put that under spam comment.

Anyone want to celebrate? Hehehehehe.... You all go first, I need to do "my blog job". Hahahaha....


Friday, August 27, 2010

Can you find me a lover

Sister.., can you find me a lover. I want a man who is handsome to my eyes, don't smoke, don't play with drugs, got a decent job, come from a good family and maybe someone who can take care of my feeling. Hehehehehehe.... If you were wondering, that is not me talking looking for a lover. I found mine, don't worry. Do any of you remember my sister that always help me on Saturday at my mom rice stall? That is my sister request to me since she finished her study. At first, I always ignored her request and laugh out loud everytime she say, "Have you find a lover for me today?" almost everyday I meet her when I go back to Kota Marudu. I treated that as a jokes because she can feel bored easily with men before.

One day, she followed me to my working place and stay there for a week. At the same time, our office just received some new staff and two of the guys staying at the same government quarters. I feel weird when one of them parked their car in front of my house. The next day, my boss told me that the same guy watered my boss plant during rainy day just want to get a look at my sister. Hehehehehe.... At that time, I were thinking that I maybe can fulfill my sister wish after all.

At first, its hard for him to melt my sister heart. She want to reject him because she think that he is not that handsome for her. (Hahahahaha.., like handsome can last). I asked her to give him a try, at least give him chance. She agree to her big sister and try to give him a chance.

One day my sister sms me.
Beth: He want to called himself a miau (cat) because he say that I am a rat.
Hahahahaha..., I laugh when I read her message. We play some Facebook quiz before, The quiz end up with me as a monkey and Beth as a rat. I forget what is the title of the quiz but it asked us about our birthday.
Zezebel: How he know about that?
Beth: He saw your darling called me that many times on facebook wall lar.
Zezebel: What your answer, do you agree?
Beth: Hehehehehe....

That is the start of a love relationship between my sister and my office mate. A love between a rat and a cat. Hahahahaha..... To both of them, try to enjoy the journey of love together and respect each other. Maybe cat and rat will be staying in one house, one day. Who know? Hehehehe....

Any of you want me to find you a lover? I still have two available sisters you know. Hahahahaha.... Sound like I want to change my career as a matchmaker.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

My niece say smile

S.., M.., I.., L.., E.... Hahahahaha.... My niece say smile everyone. Thanks for everyone who are participating in my Wordless Wednesday. To anyone who still new in my blog (Everyone is new, I guess.., Hahahahahaha....), every Wednesday I will be posting a picture or sets of picture and you need to guess what I am trying to say in the picture. You can guess as many as you want to. I maybe will post together a caption, quote or a little bit clue in the post. The rest you need to look carefully at the pictures, the answer normally is there. As a gift to anyone who get the correct answer, I will post your blog URL in the next post. The answer of the Wordless Wednesday will be on the next day (Thursday).

Hahahahahaha.... Its funny reading some of your comment. To my international blogger friends, I hope you don't mind some of my Malaysian friends talk in Malay (our language). If you want me to install a google translator for easy translation, do tell. I know it is not niece talking with everyone and some of you don't know what we are talking about. Not everyone in Malaysia prefer to talk in English when we talk to each other.

The correct answer is my niece (anak saudara perempuan), people who get it right:
  1. MommaLira
  2. madlut
  3. suri 
  4. makdara TERDIVA
  5. Joy
  6. maslinamansor
  7. levian
  8. mijie
  9. jellybelly
  10. Steve 
  11. Zikr the Jalanan Sepi Perantau 
  12. Sir Marcello 
 If I left anyone out, please do comment here and tell me. Comments that past 24 hours mark will not be counted. Hehehehehe.... I am not married, I don't have daughter or children. To Lina, Cucu (granddaughter)? Hahahaha.... I will be The youngest grandma in Kota Marudu. Jamie, she is adorable of course. Steve, Hahahaha..., you count people answer? Thanks everyone for joining my Wordless Wednesday. Please wait for next week Wordless Wednesday ya. Hehehehehe....

My niece name is Dayang Fatimah Zaharah and I called her Ira. She is the first grandchild and first niece in our family. So there is no doubt about her being the apple of our eyes. If there is a place that she really love to go is my room. She will waited beside my bed if I don't look at her, afraid that I don't give her permission to play with me. If I smile and start to call her name, she will instantly jump on my bed and play. The big problem is, it will be hard to asked her to go off my bed. When anyone mad at her, she will only keep quiet like stone and put her head down. What I really like about her, If I point my hand phone camera she will instantly smile and pose for the camera.

1.., 2.., 3.... Say Cheese. Smile everyone. Hahahahaha.... Cute kan?


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WW: Who is this?

Wordless Wednesday: Your guess?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pro blogger play dirty

What a shame when a so called Professional blogger play dirty. Any of you who check my blog post yesterday about life as a blogger (Hidup seorang Blogger)? Hahahahaha.... Some domain blogger play a bit dirty trick on my blog. Maybe because he/she scared that I will be on top of the search engine. I already told all of you, I am not playing your contest and game. Why do you need to worry about me? Sound like typical Malaysian style, afraid of a competition. I am not accusing anyone but I know how to check what happen.

To anyone, who don't know what I am talking about. Yesterday, my blog gone up to the second page of the keywords "Hidup seorang Blogger" all of the contestant fight for. I am just doing my routine blog job to get that, I am not an expert SEO like most of you. Hahahahaha.... Maybe seeing my blog on the second page of Google make they feel my blog is a competition. I know what they do to my blog and I don't mind about it. Keep on doing that, one day others will do that to you to. Today, If you search Google for that words, my blog is no where to be seen. Hahahahaha....

My blog is almost a month old but someone already feeling a bit of threat? Come on guys, I don't want to fight any of you. Or most of you guys feel threaten by a girl like me? Thanks, I will take that as an honour. Hahahahahaha.... I don't know that a basic SEO can killed a Pro Blogger sitting on his/her chair. Hahahahaha... I don't like to play dirty even if I know how to do that because I am not playing. I just want to blog and share what I see in my daily life. To that Pro Blogger (Otai Blogger), I know who you are, know. Your blog look like a professional but your heart is full of shame.Please don't asked me who and what he/she do. I know most of you old time Malaysian blogger know better then me.

To normal blogger like me, please learn a little bit of SEO. Its help your blog rank better in the search engine and maybe will make the Pro blogger shaking and feel some fear. Hahahahaha.... Funny thing isn't? But this is the world of blogging.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Hidup seorang Blogger contest

Hahahaha.... Hidup seorang blogger (Life as a blogger). I am not joining the contest by denaihati.com because my blog is still too young to join that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) contest, don't worry guys. Less competition for all of you. It just that I stumble to many entry posts by my fellow blog friends with this title-Life as a blogger Contest when I am doing my blog walking. I found some of the entry post in my Facebook wall via networked blog apps. Sound like almost everyone in Malaysia are joining this contest. Hehehehe.... Good luck for everyone. 

What is life as a blogger for all of you? For me, It change the ways I look at things. Everytime I look at something interesting, my hand will automatically snap a pictures and then write my article using my phone. 

Sometimes, people will asked me, "why do you take a picture of me?"
"I want to put it in my blog," I explained.
"I thought you want to put my pictures in a newspaper," some of them answered like that.
Hahahahaha.... It feel like I am a reporter.

For me, blog is a new form of journalism. We report what we see at our daily life. People nowadays want to read story by a real people in their real life. We share a story that we think it is worth sharing. But sharing is not the only important things in blogging. You need to learn how to search for your blog niche, relevant keywords, What is Search Engine Optimization, Google Page Rank, do backlink and many more other things. Its no point you write in a blog but nobody reading it, right? That is what all those tools are all about. Helping you find a loyal reader for your blog. A blog without a traffic coming is like a road without any cars, quiet and scary.

I search google for the words "Hidup Seorang Blogger" yesterday and I found almost every visitors that had been commenting in my blog. Hahahahaha.... I know it is not easy for all of you fighting to be on the top of the search engine for this words but I respect the effort. What I saw in Google yesterday that blog with a domain lost to a blogspot blog for the top rank. Hehehehehe....

So.., What is Life is blogging life for all of you? Some of you had been blogging for a very long years, right? How a blog change your life or it don't change your life at all.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bank in Kota Marudu

If you were searching for a bank in Kota Marudu, you most probably will not find one if you're not local people. But you can always try asked people around.  Hehehehehe.... Why bank hard to find at my place? Because we only have three bank here and all of them located at different places. We have Alliance bank located at Sedco Shop house, Agro bank located at Goshen Shop house and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) located at Kg. Rampak Shop house. There is also news about Bank Rakyat want to open its branch in Kota Marudu.

I had a chance taking pictures of the Alliance bank at Sedco shop house (kedai Sedco) on Friday. Not so many people during that day but this ATM machine will be pack with people during pay day. I normally will make sure not going to the bank on the 25th  day calendar of every month since it is a pay day for Malaysia government servant. If you need to look for Maybank (almost everyone in Malaysia using Maybank), you need to drive one and half hour to the Kudat Maybank. That is the nearest Maybank branch you can find.

I am using online banking or Internet banking to pay my bills. Before this, I go to bank or Post office and it took me at least one hour to settle them since most of my bills are at the end of the month. Most of people in Kota Marudu don't have Internet connection. That most probably the main reason why people lining up to pay their bills at bank or Posts Office. We don't have any Celcom, Digi or Maxis payment center over here.

Any of you still pay your bills lining up at Post office or banks? Hehehehehe.... You're not up to date, like me then. Hahahahaha...


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Young coconut memory

Anyone of you like to drink young coconut? Especially when its a hot day. Hmmmm.... Nyum-nyum. Ooooopss... I am fasting. Hehehehehe.... Young coconut drink is not my favourite but every time I look at it, I will remember a story. Something that I will never forget for the rest of my life. Before I tell you my story, do you know the benefits of young coconut ? The water of the young coconut is good for the nerves, good for fatigue, weak lungs, dehydration, weight loss, and poor memory. If you forgot about something, just drink young coconut drink. Hehehehe....

My Story happened when I am still a little kids, 6 years old. My dad always go to our orchard every morning. I and my sisters and brother love to follow him and play in the orchard. In my father orchard there are bananas, mangosteen, rambutans, pineapples, terap, cempedak and also coconut trees. Most of the time we will help him with the work. Collect the old leaves, put fertilizer under the trees and whatever work my dad asked us to do. But most of the time we will play hide and seek in the orchard. Hehehehehe....

One day, my dad feel thirsty and took one of the young coconut on the ground. He just cut the top of the young coconut and drink straight away. While he drinking, I saw something moving on his neck. It make me curious and touch that moving thing. My dad stop drinking and shout madly at me, "Belle! Why do you touch my Adam's apple (Buah halkum) like that!" He scared me and it will be a lesson that I will always remember. Hahahahaha.... How do I know. We girls don't have something in our neck like that. Sorry dad. I will always remember your Adam's apple when I see any young coconut.

Do any of you have similar story about Adam's apple? Share it with the rest of us.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Some men not a gentleman

Yahoo! I will be back to Kota Marudu today in another few hours. Hehehehehe.... No more eating my sahur for Ramadhan alone. Saturday I will be helping my mom in her rice stall. It will also meant a rest day for my mom. Yup. that is my routine on Saturday with the help from my sister. If any of you feel like want to get my autograph, you're welcome to come to my mom stall. Hehehehehe.... Feel like I am a celebrity saying something like that.

Every walks of life in Kota Marudu came to my mom stall buying their daily rice supply. Most of the buyer are from urban area and they will buy a month supply of one sack of rice. That will be a 50 Kg of rice for a month. Sometimes, I meet some old people who don't know how to speak Malay, English or even Dusun language. The only language they know is their local language, I don't know how to speak Bajau, Suluk or Tagalog. We will be using hand language to communicate.

Only one thing always make me feel tired and dissatisfaction, when some men not a gentlemen, they don't try to help us lift their buying sack of rice into their car. Even a 20Kg of rice they will ask us to send it to their car. They park their car over 100 meters away even they knew that they can always park in front or at the back of my mom rice stall. Most of the guy who came to my mom stall  are healthy and have a muscle (some even like a body builder). Why don't they be a gentlemen and help us lift the sack of rice? Yeah, we do have muscle to and its your right to ask us to do everything you want but where is the gentlemen in you? If you going to the supermarket, will you go ask the cashier to bring the pack of rice to your car?

Please guys, be a gentlemen and do what a gentlemen suppose to do. If you're a healthy guy, even if you're younger or elder then me, shorter or taller then me, be a gentlemen, its not right to ask a girls lift a heavy items for you. Even if its your right as a buyer to ask us to do anything but where is the gentlemen in you?

Any of you gentlemen in here want to help us? Hehehehe....


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