Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kittens in a box

Yesterday I found out that Jiji has a new born kittens. No wonder I rarely see her lately. Jiji is not my cat but she always come to my house every evening asking for food. She is one of the stray cats in my community house. I always spare her some fish from my dinner. For this past few weeks she rarely come and I get worried. After back from my work yesterday, I go check at the back of everyone house and I found her with her kittens in a box just two house from me.

It is very hard to take picture of Jiji because she keep coming to my hand, asked me to scrath her head. Maybe she feeling dizzy because she need to take care of her two kitten now? It just a guess. Hahahaha.... But she really cannot stop putting her head on my hand. Maybe will try to take a good picture of her later. While giving a head scratch to Jiji, I take a pictures of her kitten. They look cute in that box.

Can anyone help me giving a name to this two little kitten? If there is no answer from any of you, I most probably will called them Hand and Carry. As you can see in the picture, Hand keep sitting on the left every time I take a picture of them. I know it is not a cute name for a cat but I think it will do for a while. This cats will not have an owner because everyone at my work community house normally will only stay there 4 days a week. On weekend, everyone will be going back to their house in Kota Kinabalu including me.

Can you help me suggest a name for this kitten? A cute name please.


lina said...

No cute name from me, although I can't resist calling them Jaja and Juju. XD
They are such cuties!

Zezebel said...

Hi Lina.
Thank you for your suggestion. That is far much better then Hand and Carry.

Kerry-Ann said...

What about Ginger and Taffy. I really like the name Ginger,when we got our tabby kitten this is one of the names we were considering.

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